Admissions for Parents

Admissions for Parents

At Automotive Training Center, students and parents receive one-on-one assistance, making the financial aid application and admissions process as easy as possible. If your child is considering an application to ATC, you want to be sure they’re getting a valuable education that prepares them for their career.

ATC offers classes at our Exton and Warminster campus locations. Interested in taking a tour with your child? Schedule one today.

What Parents Should Know About a Trade School Like ATC

Auto TrainingFor a lot of students, enrolling in a college program simply isn’t the best option after graduating from high school. You may have spent a lot of time over the years thinking about the college application process and how to pay for your child’s college education, but perhaps they don’t have the desires that require a bachelor’s degree. The reality is your child does have many options in front of them. Trade schools, such as Automotive Training Center, have grown in popularity over the years.

Trade school and technical education can be an viable postsecondary option. The benefits of enrolling in a trade school are numerous, so we’re taking a closer look at some of the reasons a trade school can be the best choice.

Benefits of Applying to Automotive Training Center

As a parent, you may be wondering what some of the benefits of a trade school like ATC are. Let’s consider those benefits.

Less time. Time commitment is a major topic of discussion for both parents and students. It’s possible funds may not be available to assist in paying for your child’s college education over four years, but a 2-year trade school may be more realistic.

Hands-on experience. The average college education may require classes that have nothing to do with your child’s major, and they may spend time sitting in lecture halls listening to topics they want nothing to do with. At ATC, all students receive hands-on experience from knowledgeable instructors.

Skills that go beyond the classroom. Your child will learn the skills needed for their career here at ATC, but they’ll also learn how to prepare for interviews and seek out job opportunities. Working together as a team and communication are important skills your child will develop here.

Knowing Your Options

Automotive TrainingThere are several programs and resources in place to help students and families afford an ATC education, including the following:

Tuition Help Through Financial Aid*: Students with a financial need may be eligible to receive financial aid. Federal financial aid programs (Title IV Programs) include Pell Grants and Federal Direct Loans (Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Student Loans and PLUS Loans to parents). State programs include the Pennsylvania State Grant and special programs administered by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA).

ATC hosts financial aid Q&A sessions and seminars throughout the year to help parents better understand how to work through the financial aid application process. You can find out more about applying for financial aid on our financial aid page.

*financial aid is available for those who qualify

Available Scholarship Opportunities*: ATC’s High School Scholarship Program offers annual scholarship opportunities for high school seniors. The school also contributes scholarships to other organizations that maintain individual standards for their scholarship eligibility and awarding processes.

Those with military service experience may be eligible to participate in Imagine America’s Military Award Program (MAP), a scholarship that benefits veterans in pursuit of career training.

Visit our high school scholarship or military benefit and scholarship pages for more information, or call us to find out how participating clubs and sponsors may be able to help.

*scholarships are available for those who qualify

Part-Time Employment: We also assist and encourage our students to work part-time to help pay for tuition and other educational expenses. Our longstanding partnership with the Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia (ADAGP) and other automotive businesses in the area allow us to assist students in finding part-time positions during their enrollment.

If you have questions about the admissions or the financial aid process, please reach out to our Exton (888-321-8992) or Warminster (888-881-8140) locations to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members to discuss your options.

Supporting Your Child’s Success at Automotive Training Center

If you’ll be helping your son or daughter fund their ATC education, we want you to be confident in the comprehensive education and bright future they’re working toward. An ATC education gives your son or daughter the opportunity to obtain and sharpen their skills in an industry they’re passionate about. As they near their graduation, the ATC staff will introduce them to and guide them through the following opportunities:

A New Realm of Career Opportunities: ATC has a strong alliance with the Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia (ADAGP), an association that includes dealerships in five counties surrounding the Philadelphia region. Upon graduation, ATC graduates may seek employment opportunities with 190 new car and truck franchises within the ADAGP’s five-county area.

Assistance Applying for and Securing a Position: Our Career Services department provides students with a number of valuable resources to help them prepare for employment. Some of these include one-on-one job search assistance, sponsored career development seminars, and contact with prospective employers to set up interviews.

More Resources for Parents

We offer informative articles, videos, and more to help you continue to explore if Automotive Training Center is the right fit for your child.

  • Check out our Student Achievement Rates for a program-by-program breakdown of graduation and job placement success rates among previous students.
  • Take ATC’s video tour to hear from instructors, recent grads, employers, and industry leaders about their experiences with ATC.
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