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Marine Service Technology offers an ocean of opportunity.

Marine Engine Mechanics

Don’t limit yourself to land. If you’ve always been interested in working on marine engines, and you would prefer to work outdoors the majority of the time, it’s time you make a splash with Automotive Training Center’s Marine Service Technology Program.


As a student in ATC’s MST Program, you’ll receive hands-on training and experience while performing maintenance and repair on inboard and outboard engines manufactured by Honda, Yamaha, and Mercury Marine as well as other major manufacturers. You’ll and study the finer points of marine engine technology in a classroom setting and even wrench commercial and pleasure watercraft engines in dry and wet settings.

In addition, you’ll learn about the many supportive systems and sub-systems found in the industry today, including electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and heating, and fiberglass and gelcoat repair.

Graduates of Automotive Training Center’s Marine Mechanic School can seek exciting entry-level positions in the marine service industry, such as:

  • Marine Mechanic / Service Technician
  • Gelcoat and Fiberglass Technician
  • Personal Watercraft Technician
  • Service and/or Parts Manager*
  • Technical Instructor*
  • Field Service Representative*

*These positions may require several years of industry field experience


Marine MechanicYour education at ATC will focus on real-world applications. That means you’ll have the opportunity to perfect your craft by working on some of the top technology in the industry.

You’ll get hands-on experience with Honda Marine, where you’ll learn about outboard fuel systems, model identification, preventative maintenance, and much more. Honda Marine has been an industry leader for nearly five decades, with these 4-stroke outboards offering exceptional performance day in and day out. These engines offer fuel-efficient performance and burn clean, but must be maintained by marine technicians to ensure they’re running smoothly.

Mercury Marine is another one of the top industry manufacturers of marine engines. In 2006, we partnered with the company to offer Mercury University dealer service training at our Warminster campus. For students, that means the opportunity to work on Mercury Marine engines, which have been powering boats since 1939. The brand offers a complete selection of outboard motors, the MerCruiser® sterndrive, and inboards, too.

Yamaha Outboards has been creating outboard motors for over 30 years, delivering power, performance, and efficiency. Thanks to our partnership with the Yamaha Motor Corporation, we’re able to provide instructional Yamaha resources to all students in our marine program.

Take a closer look at a marine service technician career, and see the exciting opportunities ahead.


If you do join our Marine Service Technology program, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the different vessels you’ll be working on in the real world. The marine service and repair world is an exciting one, and when you’re out on the water, you’ll see a wide variety of watercraft and vessels.

Our hands-on training can prepare you for what you’ll see every day. For example, sport fishing boats are quite popular these days. These boats have a large deck meant for open-water fishing. Requiring hefty engine power, these vessels need to be properly maintained to ensure they’re able to provide the power necessary for far-offshore situations.

Working at a marina, a quick once-over will tell you that motorboats are quite popular, too. With different sizes and shapes available, many motorboats offer easy travel while others are more luxurious and meant for large crowds. They’re known to acquire debris on the propeller, which needs to be properly repaired by a knowledgeable marine technician.

You’ll also come across many sailboats in your time spent on the water. This can be a one-person boat or a larger schooner. The mast, sails, turnbuckles, and chainplate may require repairs, and a marine technician will ensure everything is safe and ready for use.


Marine TechnicianI’m torn between pursuing Automotive Technology or Marine Service Technology training. Do you have any tips for how to decide?

It’s not uncommon for mechanically minded individuals to be drawn to both Automotive Technology and Marine Service Technology training. What it really comes down to is where you can see your career and lifestyle going. Study the prospective entry-level positions on this page and our Automotive Technology program page, and consider which might be the better fit for you.

The chance to work on the water is an exciting and unique opportunity that differentiates these two positions. One great way to find out which may be right for you is to take a campus tour where you can speak to instructors from both programs and check out shop settings.

Where can I enroll in Marine Service Technology training with ATC?

Marine Service Technology training is offered at ATC’s Warminster campus. Approved to begin Marine Service Technology training in 2006, ATC Warminster has quickly become a standout marine services test site and training location for multiple names in the industry, including Mercury Marine, Yamaha Outboard, and the American Boat and Yacht Council.

How do the Warminster campus shops differ from the Exton campus shops?

ATC Exton’s shops are built exclusively for automotive training technology studies, while the Warminster campus has both automotive and marine shop facilities.

Marine-dedicated shops feature eight large water tanks where students can see how inboard and outboard engines run in their ideal habitat: underwater! Studying how these engines work in real conditions allows students to gain invaluable experience that can prepare them for a future in marine service.

How can I learn more?

If you’re still deciding on whether Marine Mechanic School is right for you, exploring the ATC blog is a great place to start. If you know you’re ready to enroll, take the next step with ATC today.

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