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5 Maintenance Tips Every Boat Owner Should Know

Like many pieces of equipment, boats need preventative maintenance to deliver their best performance on the water season after season. If you’re a fellow boat owner interested in learning how to keep your boat in tip-top shape, read on for 5 important services that will help you better maintain and enjoy your investment. Wash and […]

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Your Guide to 3 Commonly Used Boating Knots

From putting down an anchor while you fish to securely docking your vessel at the end of the day, knots play an important role in boating safely. To help you get the most out of your on-the-water adventures, Automotive Training Center (ATC) created this guide to three boating knots boat owners should learn now and […]

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6 Types of Boats and Their Uses

For those seeking to buy a boat, there are so many options on the market that you may not even know where to begin. From large houseboats to deck boats to daysailers, there are many boats out there to select from. Whether you’re in the market for a boat, or just want to know more […]

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Boat Prop Guide: The Basics

The perfect propeller can optimize boat performance from multiple angles, but there’s a lot more to propellers than the size and number of blades. Tack on material, diameter, pitch, cup, rotation—do you feel like we’re speaking a different language? Not to worry. Consult ATC’s boat prop guide below for help starting your research for the […]

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The Types of Boats Marine Technicians Repair

The world of marine service and repair is an exciting and fulfilling one. These careers provide significant perks, such as a location in an ideal climate and the ability to work outside and on the water frequently. However, one of the unsung benefits of a career as a marine technician is being able to work […]

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ATC’s Marine Mechanic School Will Prepare You for a Marine Technician Career

For boating enthusiasts, a career on the water working on different kinds of vessels would be a dream come true. A passion for boating and marine mechanics is a must, but training and expertise in marine technologies are equally important. Fortunately, for aspiring marine technicians who are looking for a marine mechanic school in Pennsylvania, […]

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How to Fix a Hole in Your Boat

Any boat owner is susceptible to holes and cracks in their boat. Whether it’s from an object floating in the water or a stray rock striking your boat while you’re transporting it on the highway, damage to your boat’s body can significantly affect how well it can support you in the water. For marine enthusiasts […]

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How to Have a Faster Boat

Boating enthusiasts love maximizing the power in their boats. There’s nothing like the feeling of pushing that throttle all the way forward and letting your vessel rip through the water. And even if you don’t have a power or speedboat, there are still a number of ways you can make your boat faster. Optimizing the […]

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