Marine Mechanic School

Marine Mechanic School

How Long is Marine Mechanic School?

We’re always happy to welcome those who are interested in the Marine Service Technology program here at Automotive Training Center. The marine program at ATC can prepare you for a career as a marine service technician, repairing boats and yachts.

How long is marine mechanic school? We’re answering that important question so you can prepare for your future, and taking a closer look at the marine program. Why limit yourself to land when you can work on the water every day?

When Can I Finish Marine Mechanic School?

Marine Mechanic School LengthYou will be happy to know that the Marine Service Technology program, which is offered at our Warminster campus, can be completed in 40 weeks. With just 1,200 hours of your time, you can be on the path to an entry-level position in the marine industry. That’s right–in under a year, you can become a marine technician.

The marine program will incorporate training on the major systems and sub-systems found on today’s watercraft, from pleasure watercraft to light commercial boats.

You’ll have the chance to disassemble and reassemble:

  • Inboard and outboard engines
  • Gear cases
  • Drive units
  • Raw water pumps
  • Heat exchangers

Gain a full understanding of the principles of A/C, D/C electricity and safety devices, marine batteries, starting and charging systems, marine fuel systems, and turbo charging systems, too.

Marine Service Technology Courses

You’ll acquire sufficient technical knowledge and experience in all aspects of marine service. The end goal is to obtain entry-level employment as a marine service technician competent in inboard gasoline and diesel engines, outboard engines, and the supportive systems found on most watercraft.

Diploma requirements for the Marine Service Technology program are as follows:

  • Engine Repair
  • Diesel Fuel Systems
  • Marine Electrical & Air Conditioning Systems
  • Marine Mechanical Systems
  • Marine Engine Performance

What Will I Learn in the Marine Program?

The Marine Electrical & Air Conditioning Systems course covers the fundamental principles of electricity and magnetism, basic electrical circuits, basic test equipment, electrical components, and wiring diagrams.

Learn about:

  • Marine safety equipment
  • Bonding systems
  • Corrosion protection

The Marine Mechanical Systems course tackles marine terminology, basic seamanship, and line handling. You’ll be introduced to fuel systems, welding and hydraulics, and power trim and tilt and marine steering systems. Basic fiberglass and cosmetic gelcoat repair and boat trailer maintenance is also part of this course. While you may work extensively on a boat engine, they still need to look good, too, and gelcoat and fiberglass repair is an important part of the process.

Marine Engine Performance tackles:

  • Cooling systems
  • Exhaust system types
  • Drive systems

What Kinds of Boats Do I Work On?

Marine Mechanic School BoatsThe world of marine service and repair is fast-paced and exciting. Of course, you have the perk of working on the water, but you may be wondering, “What kind of boats will I be working on?”

You may work on:

  • Sport fishing boats
  • Motorboats
  • Sailboats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Bay boats

These are just a few of the popular options on the water these days. Sport fishing boats are known for their large decks, and are perfect for open water fishing. Several boat fanatics seek out a sport fishing boat to travel far offshore.

Motorboats are a popular choice for boat owners, too. They’re quick, easy travelers, but they can accumulate debris on the propeller, which is where an experienced marine technician comes into play.

Whether you own a one-person catboat or a fancy schooner, a sailboat is a unique way to travel. You’ll see some of these on occasion.

Pontoon and bay boats have their advantages, too. Pontoon boats may use oars and paddles, but could also have an outboard engine. Saltwater fishing fans usually turn to bay boats. You’ll see some of these in this area, but they’re more prominent along the Gulf Coast.

How Do I Know a Career as a Marine Mechanic is Right for Me?

You may be wondering if a career as a marine service technician is right for you. After all, you’re investing time and money in an education, and it’s important that this is the right fit for you. Here are some questions that can help provide an answer.

Do people turn to your do-it-yourself qualities? If you’re the kind of person who has worked on a boat or car before, this can be a great fit. Working with your hands is a must, and all students at ATC will be getting extensive experience in the shop.

Do you love the outdoors? This is a must, of course. You’ll spend time working by the water. If the salty air and cool breeze appeals to you, then a career as a marine technician is a good fit.

Are you a good communicator? We can go into the books and into the shop, but we’ll also be teaching you soft skills. These are the skills you’ll need to develop to work with boat owners and customers, explaining any repairs and service in friendly terms. If you’re the outgoing type and a great communicator, you’re on the right track.

Make an Impact as a Marine Service Technician

The best part about your time at Automotive Training Center is the hands-on experience you’ll receive, working with some of the top technology in the industry. Plus, you’ll be learning from experienced technicians with years of expertise.

Ready to find your next career as a marine service technician? Apply to Automotive Training Center today!

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