Become a Hi-Performance Mechanic

What You Should Know To Become a Hi-Performance Engine Mechanic

Engines act as the lifeforce of every vehicle. They’re complex machines, some built for efficiency, others for power and acceleration, and others still a balance of each. Diesel, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell… the list goes on and on!

Some of the most iconic and inspiring engines you’ll find have their place on the race car stage and hi-performance engine mechanics are their keepers. For those interested in exploring what it takes to press the pedal of this exciting career path, Automotive Training Center (ATC) created the following guide. Here’s what aspiring hi-performance engine mechanics should know:

Know (and Love) Engines!

If you’ve started thinking about a prospective career in the automotive industry, an interest for the subject matter is the best indicator that you’re moving in the right direction for your skills and aspirations.

The hi-performance technician role has an in-depth focus on a vehicle’s output and optimization. These engine experts possess a deep understanding of a car’s inner mechanics and the elements that work with the engine to maximize acceleration, handling, and quick stopping power.

Find a Careering Training School in Your Area

Once you’ve decided that working on engines and performance racers is your calling, you have a few pre-requisites to check off before you’re ready to apply to entry-level positions as a hi-performance engine mechanic. Step one is to earn your high school diploma or GED. Step two is to enroll in a two-year post-secondary career training school studying Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology.

Seek out a school that’s accredited by a governing body, like the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) showing its commitment to hiring a quality staff, maintaining quality programs, and providing a comprehensive higher learning experience.

What else can you look for in a post-secondary automotive training school? Check out this ATC eBook on the criteria to keep in mind when researching training schools in your area.

Know it’s the Right One for You

Once you’ve identified automotive training schools near you that offer hi-performance technology training, the next step is to take time to visit and explore the campus. Before your visit, make a list of questions and keep them handy for when you meet with instructors, and check out the campus’ shops and classrooms.

If you’re able, see if you can sit in on a class or workshop session, by coordinating through your contact at the school’s admissions department. Take photos of the campus and notes of what you like most at each school. Can you see yourself attending every day?

You’re on Your Way to Pursuing a Hi-Performance Education

The hi-performance field is one that’s rapidly evolving. As new technologies and fuel sources enter the engine arena, the demand for skilled individuals equipped to work with this advanced equipment continues to gain momentum.

If you live in the Exton or Warminster, PA, areas and are eager to take the first steps towards becoming a hi-performance engine mechanic, get in touch with Automotive Training Center to learn more about our Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology program.

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