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In the Classroom: What to Expect at a Hi-Performance Auto School

The hi-performance field is characterized by some of the auto industry’s most intriguing feats in engineering. Here, stock cars are studied for their aerodynamics, muscle, and speed, and the track is the ultimate testing ground for vehicle mods and maximizations.

If you’re interested in working behind the scenes of these fast and impressive rides, enrolling in post-secondary training at a hi-performance auto school is the fast track to gaining the skills you need to apply for an entry-level position in the field.

What can you expect at a hi-performance automotive school? In this post, Automotive Training Center (ATC) takes you into the classroom—and the shop—to find out how you can get started near Exton and Warminster.

Learn the Principles of Power

Before you know how to measure or improve upon engine performance, you first need to understand the fundamentals of internal combustion engines, and how these elements interact with one another to produce power.

In attending a hi-performance auto school, enrolled students will get to know the parts of an engine like the backs of their hands, as well as:

  • Different types of engines and their inherent advantages
  • How the engine works with the rest of the car
  • All about modern engine technologies, such as supercharging, which works to produce more power in the same size engine chamber
  • An in-depth study of horsepower and torque, the performance measurements that pack a one-two punch
  • How to measure engine performance and what modifications can be made to maximize power and efficiency

You’ll get to learn even more! Immerse yourself in what it’s like to be a hi-performance technician in training by checking out the hi-performance category of the ATC blog.

Apply What You Learn on Real Engines

When you attend a hi-performance automotive school, your education isn’t limited to worksheets and textbooks. Seek out a school that provides you with the opportunity to get your hands dirty in an on-site automotive workshop, where you can test what you’ve learned in a real shop setting.

At these classroom-shop hybrids, you can look forward to putting the procedures and theories from your daily learnings into practice on equipment used into today’s automotive shops and service centers. You’re likely learn the ropes of various engine diagnostic equipment, such as a dynamometer, to check in on the befores and afters of your modifications in real time.

Find the Hi-Performance Auto School That’s Right for You

If you see a future in maximizing engines, you’ll want to start by maximizing your automotive education. To do that, look for a hi-performance auto school in your area with ASE-certified instructors, a NATEF-accredited curriculum, and both shop and classroom time built into daily studies.

For training that includes all of the above, engine enthusiasts near Exton or Warminster can enroll in automotive and hi-performance technology training with ATC. Are your gears turning already? Learn more by checking out our Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology program page to see if our hi-performance auto school is right for you.

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