Hi-Performance Auto School To Performance Engine Builder

How Hi-Performance Auto School Can Turn You into a Performance Engine Builder

Performance engine building is one of the more desirable career paths for an automotive enthusiast pursuing a job in the automotive industry. Dissecting the engines of some of the most capable, fast, and powerful cars and trucks can be a dream come true, but an extensive knowledge of vehicles and engines is required of job applicants. With the help of the hi-performance auto school at ATC, you can learn the skills needed to be a performance engine builder.

The hi-performance technology program at ATC is geared toward giving students the experience and knowledge needed to work on some of the road’s most impressive cars. And if you want to learn how to make these cars burn rubber, read on to learn how ATC’s hi-performance auto school can turn you into a performance engine builder.

What’s a Performance Engine Builder? 

A performance engine builder builds and fine-tunes the engines that give vehicles higher top speeds and more power when drivers step on the gas pedal. A performance engine builder not only needs to know all of the working parts of an engine, how the engine connects to the rest of the car, and how to test engine diagnostics, but they also need to be able to maximize performance to give hi-performing vehicles the exceptional power designed to impress.

ATC Instructors Committed to Your Education

Instructors who base their success on their students’ success staff ATC’s hi-performance auto school. This means that you’ll receive a complete education on hi-performance engines so you can become a performance engine builder.

A performance engine builder needs a theoretical understanding of the various working parts of an engine and how to tweak them to extremely finite tolerances that lead to maximum performance. In order to do so, you’ll be taught by our qualified instructors via hands-on lessons.

Teaching Through Industry Equipment 

To turn you into a performance engine builder, your hi-performance auto school will need to provide you with experience with industry-standard equipment that the professionals use on a daily basis as part of their duties.

With ATC, you get just that experience. Our automotive classes are geared toward giving our students experience running multiple tests on our engine dynamometer to chart the success of your fine-tuning efforts on various hi-performance engines. Charting will help you understand the results of your work, the progress you make, and the success you deliver to an engine. These are instrumental qualities of a successful performance engine builder.

If you’ve always dreamed of getting under the hood of fast cars and being the driving force behind their powerful engines, you now have that opportunity thanks to a specialized curriculum in ATC’s hi-performance auto school.

You can learn even more about the duties of professionals in the hi-performance automotive industry by downloading ATC’s free ebook 7 Maintenance Tips for Preserving Speed and Power in a High-Performance Vehicle.

7 Maintenance Tips

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