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Top 5 Graduation Gifts for Aspiring Technicians

What does someone buy an aspiring technician to say congrats? Automotive Training Center (ATC) has rounded up the top 5 most desirable graduation gifts for those looking ahead to in-the-shop training. Check out what we came up with below!

  1. Waterproof Tool Box: If your technician-in-training currently works from a metal tool box, getting them a fortified, rust-resistant version is a worthy upgrade. Not sure if your grad plans on performing fixes by land or sea? A waterproof tool box is a must-have for aspiring marine services techs! Waterproof tool boxes can run the gamut pricewise, but you can get a quality model for between $40 and $70.
  2. Wrench GlovesStarter Tool Kit: As they build up their technician’s tool kit along the way, aspiring techs are sure to add a lot of new tools to their collections. You can give them a head start with a basic starter kit. What are you looking for? Stick to a trusted brand such as Craftsman, Snap-on, or Husky Tools and go for the first level kit (should have 100 to 150 pieces). A starter tool kit is definitely a higher priced item, ranging from $80 to $150, so it makes a great joint present to go in on with a few friends.
  3. Glove Box Car Jump Starter: Jumper cables just got a seriously cool update, and your motorhead grad is sure to love it. The electronically powered glove box car starter has the ability to fully jump a car on its own sans a good Samaritan’s car, and it’s small enough to be stored in your glovebox. #gamechanger. The average price point for an electronic glove box jump starter comes in at $35.
  4. LED Headlamp: An LED headlamp’s intensified light is extra helpful for fixes that take place under the car, plus the headlamp feature creates a well-lit workspace that leaves your hands free to tinker. LED headlamps run between $15 and $25.
  5. Magnetic Pick-Up Tool: Magnetic pick-up tools are flexible magnetic sticks that make recovering tiny pieces that fall to the bottom of the engine compartment a cinch. They come in a variety of styles, some with little lights on the retrieving end, etc. Overall, they’re modestly priced between $10 and 20.

Congrats, Grads!

Graduation CapsWhether the graduate you know is a friend or family member, these 5 functional gifts give you a range of price points and options to consider. Send your auto enthusiast confidently into their next level of training with neat gadgets to test and staple tools that they’ll use for many years to come.

For those seeking automotive or marine post-secondary training close to home in southern PA, NJ, or DE, Automotive Training Center’s two conveniently located campuses allow your recent grad to get their level-up training from industry professionals in a modern shop setting.

Check out ATC’s program and course list and watch our Day in the Life of an ATC Student video for a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to attend ATC.

Congratulations to all of the high school and vo-tech graduates out there from ATC!

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