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Heavy-duty diesel engines are capable of providing copious amounts of power while being highly efficient. Gain the knowledge necessary to become a diesel technician by enrolling in the Automotive and Diesel Mechanic School at Automotive Training Center.

In this space, we’re taking a closer look at the pros and cons of diesel engines. Like with many things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Diesel Engine Pros

Diesel Mechanic SchoolWe aren’t here to decide the diesel vs. gasoline debate once and for all, but here are some of the advantages diesel offers.

Efficiency. Using a compression-ignition system, diesel engines are more efficient than gas. Diesel engines require more compression to heat the air. As the compression is greater, diesel engines get hotter than a gas-powered motor. More energy and less fuel are produced, which means fewer trips to the pump to fill up.

Durability. Diesel engines are built to handle higher temperatures. They’ll typically last longer than gas engines, as long as drivers keep up to date with necessary maintenance.

Torque. Built to produce more energy, these engines produce higher amounts of torque. Diesel engines are built to do a lot of heavy lifting and haul large loads on a regular basis.

Valuable. As these engines are durable, that also means they’re valuable. They have better resale value, and can last a long time.

Diesel Engine Cons

Everything isn’t always perfect. There are some downsides to diesel engines.

Diesel Mechanic SchoolCost. Diesel-powered engines will usually be a little more expensive than gas-powered ones. A diesel engine can cost a couple thousand dollars more than gas.

Fuel prices. Money can be saved by not filling up the tank as often. But, diesel is almost always going to cost more than gasoline. It always depends on how much driving is done, but extra thought will have to be given to whether or not the efficiency is worth the additional cost of fuel.

Maintenance. These engines are durable, for sure. But, it’s important to keep up with maintenance. If maintenance is ignored, it can cost more to fix a diesel engine than a gas one.

Accessibility. Some manufacturers are making diesel more available these days. But, there aren’t as many diesel engines out there as gas ones, so choice can be limited. Diesel also may not be available at every gas station.

Exploring the Diesel Program at ATC

Want to explore diesel and everything that comes with it? The ATC diesel program develops the diesel experts of tomorrow. You’ll get a mix of classroom and lab experiencing, working with top names in the diesel industry like Detroit Diesel, Cummins, and Caterpillar.

Learn all about what powers large trucks, locomotives, cranes, and other diesel-powered equipment. You may even be surprised by how much heavy-duty equipment runs on diesel.

Becoming a Successful Diesel Mechanic

We hope you’ve had the opportunity to learn a bit about some of the pros and cons of diesel engines. Go even further in enriching your mind by enrolling in the diesel mechanic school at Automotive Training Center.

Check out our eBook for all the answers to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about diesel.

Diesel Engines

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