Make Your Diesel Truck Faster

Top 3 Tips to Make Your Diesel Truck Faster

Diesel trucks are known for their toughness and the amount of torque they provide. If you own or are repairing diesel trucks, most likely you are improving ruggedness, dependability, and the ability to pull heavy loads. That said, this does not mean that getting more speed from your vehicle is a lost cause.

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Stock diesel trucks do not come adjusted to deliver the power they are capable of. However, there are a few ways to get more speed. These days, diesel truck owners have access to a large range of aftermarket products they can use to improve truck performance. Diesel technology training can help you to implement these upgrades. If you want speed, consider the following:

  1. Get Wider Exhaust Pipes
    Recent regulations have resulted in the stock exhaust on trucks being too narrow. Exhaust pipes also usually have bends and pinched areas. The result is a lot of pressure and very high temperatures forced through the pipes. The drawback of this is that your vehicle breathes poorly, which reduces horsepower and torque. The best remedy for this is an exhaust pipe with fewer bends and narrow spots. Not only will this sound better, it will lower the temperature of your exhaust and enable your engine to perform better.
  1. Upgrade Your Transmission
    Your transmission may not make your truck go faster, but a stock transmission can certainly slow it down. Stock transmissions may not be able to handle upgrades such as propane injection and turbo. This can make shifting more difficult and cause damage over the long run. It is a good idea to either get an aftermarket transmission or rebuild the one you have. You will want one with extra clutches to handle high horsepower.
  1. Turbocharge Your Truck
    This is one of the easiest ways to get more horsepower in your diesel truck. With a turbocharger, you get increased horsepower and better mileage. The point of a turbocharger is to force more air into your engine in order to boost its performance. If other upgrades are causing your engine to get too much fuel, you may be seeing decreased mileage. Try upgrading your turbo to deliver more air to the engine. Consider twin turbos for the best performance since these provide a lot of power with little lag.

Along with the three areas above, a diesel technology training course teaches you about other factors that improve the speed of your diesel truck. Two of these ways are: reprogramming your vehicle’s computer chip to maximize performance and cleaning out your fuel injector system. The computer chips usually limit a vehicle’s performance in order to comply with regulations, and build-up can collect in your fuel injector. The right diesel technology training can not only provide you with the skills to make diesel trucks faster, but can also make them perform better.

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