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What Is Automotive Technology?

What Is Automotive Technology?

Wondering what automotive technology is all about? Automotive Training Center has you covered. Automotive technology is a program of study focusing on the mechanics and technology driving today’s cars. Pursuing automotive technology as a career can be a lucrative opportunity for those who have a passion for innovation and problem-solving.

To help you get a better idea of automotive technology, and what the field entails, ATC has compiled this helpful post.

Automotive Technology Is a New Concept…

Automotive TechnologyCan you believe there was once a time where you had to manually roll down your windows, put the key into the door to lock or unlock it, and then put the key into the ignition? It wasn’t all that long ago. Today, advanced radar technology, electronically controlled computer systems, and alternative fuel sources have changed what mechanics are seeing when they lift up the hood.

As a matter of fact, cars have changed so much in the past few decades that it’s changed the role of the mechanic into that of a technician. That’s where automotive tech comes in.

… and It’s Not Going Anywhere

What’s ahead for the automotive industry? How will the auto technician role continue to evolve? Well, take a look at the partially automated aspects of today’s cars and you’ll soon see what is to come. It’s possible that fully autonomous vehicles may even be part of our society someday.

The need for automotive technicians is rising. The automotive and maintenance sectors are expected to grow six percent between 2016 and 2026, with thousands of new jobs added over that time. The field is expected to maintain a higher than average growth rate compared to other jobs on a national scale, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Why Study Automotive Technology?

Studying Automotive TechnologyIn addition to being in demand today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future, adding technical capabilities to the traditional nuts and bolts of the job is appealing for a variety of reasons.

Sustainable pay. Due to the technical emphasis of the role, an automotive technician’s entry-level pay is rising, too. As you add years of experience and put the time and training in to earn certain certifications, technicians can look forward to increasing their earnings.

Abundant opportunities. Wondering if you’ll still want to be a service center technician a few years down the road? There are many opportunities across automotive fields, from diesel and collision repair to instructing the next generation of technicians. The automotive technician role is sort of like an open door that can take you where you want to go.

Job security from outsourcing. Software developers, customer service representatives, and some manufacturing positions have been outsourced in recent years. Thanks to its hands-on nature and need for fast response times, this role isn’t at risk for being shipped overseas.

Check Out Our Helpful Career Guide

Looking for more information about automotive technology? Check out our free Automotive Technology Career Guide, and get ready to put your career into gear, here at Automotive Training Center.

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