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What Auto Repair School Can Teach You About Vehicle Painting

Car mechanic school molds the minds of aspiring automotive technicians and can prepare students for careers in the automotive industry. While vehicle painting isn’t the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about what you’ll learn at an automotive school near Pennsylvania, it’s an important skill and art form that automotive technicians use to perfect the vehicles that are brought to a shop or garage.

A car’s paint job is the first thing other individuals notice, and the process of applying the paint is a careful, creative art form taken on by automotive mechanics. Those who aspire for a career in the automotive industry can read on to learn what auto repair school can teach you about vehicle painting.

Tools Needed

At an automotive tech school, you’ll learn about all of the protective requirements needed to ensure that your paint job is completed in a safe manner. Of course, you’ll be introduced to the gloves and goggles that you need, but you’ll learn much more about:

  • Respirators: An air purifying respirator protects you from breathing in paint fumes.
  • Painter coveralls: These are used to cover exposed skin.
  • Paint booth: In Philadelphia, it’s required to complete vehicle painting in a paint booth station.

Automotive technology school will also make sure that you’re an expert with the different kinds of paint you’ll be using as well as the paint sprayer that applies the paint to the car.

By learning the ins and outs of the safety equipment and tools needed for a successful vehicle paint job, you’ll be able to jump right in your first day of work.


Numerous tasks needed to be completed before actually applying a new coat of paint onto a vehicle, and an automotive school is ready to teach you about what’s needed, such as:

  • How to repair dents and damage before painting
  • What needs to be removed and covered before painting
  • How to sand away existing paint
  • What filler is and how it’s used

These steps ensure that your job will be completed properly.


After your preparation, the actual painting needs to be undertaken. While it sounds easy, there are numerous steps that need to be carefully completed to get the job done right. An automotive training school will provide you with firsthand experience when it comes to the following:

  • Applying primer
  • How to go through the multiple rounds of sanding
  • Applying the paint

If you’re interested in turning your passion into a future career by learning the ins and outs of automotive painting, you can get the expert training needed from an automotive school near Pennsylvania, such as Automotive Training Center (ATC). You’ll learn all about why a vehicle needs a new paint job after a collision and how you can make sure that the car looks as good as new when the job is completed.

You can learn more about pursuing an automotive education and the prospective career opportunities available by downloading ATC’s free ebook The Automotive Technology Career Guide.

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