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How Collision Technicians Match Paint Color

Collision repair technicians specialize in restoring vehicles to their natural, visually appealing styles. Some of the best collision repair technicians can even make a damaged car look brand new.

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However, to perfectly restore dents, dings, and scratches on the body of your car, collision technicians need to apply a coat of paint, which sometimes is easier than done.

Certain vehicles have custom paint jobs, which makes it difficult for collision repair technicians to find matching colors to complete their job. But with some of the more advanced practices that are used by collision technicians in modern-day garages, it’s possible to match almost any paint color on a vehicle that needs a new coat.

Read on to learn how today’s technicians can match the paint color of almost any damaged vehicle.

Color Spectrophotometer

To eliminate any guesswork when covering up a scratch or dent, experienced collision repair technicians need to use a replicated paint color. Without a matching shade, a collision technician’s work will look unprofessional and maybe even worse than an actual scratch or ding would. Individuals with older, classic cars run into this problem frequently because there are certain instances where the manufacturer has discontinued the paint.

To find a matching paint color for a damaged vehicle, collision repair technicians use a device called a spectrophotometer to properly identify the exact shade of the vehicle’s current color. The machine measures the amount of light and the exact hues on the car’s current paint finish. This data is then paired with the vehicle’s VIN to electronically find the paint formula on the vehicle’s existing finish.

When the spectrophotometer matches its data with the VIN of the car, collision repair technicians have a solid grasp on the vehicle’s current paint color. Through computer measuring systems, that paint color is then replicated and applied over the damaged area, leaving you with a car that looks brand new.

Collision Repair Technology

The use of the spectrophotometer marks one of the many new, technologically advanced methods used by collision repair technicians to complete a job and return a vehicle to its owner looking better than ever.

Innovative technology is being used now more than ever by collision repair technicians. With the help of computers, technicians in garages all over the country can complete jobs with much more precision and accuracy than before. While beneficial for matching automotive paint colors, this technology also helps finish work evenly, letting technicians return cars to their owners in much better shape than previously before.

The world of collision repair technicians has evolved to include more than just dent removal and bumper replacement. New technology is needed to complete jobs optimally and efficiently, and with more cars on the road getting into millions of accidents every year, the better collision repair technicians can work, the happier drivers will be.

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