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5 Common Questions About Automotive Training Schools

If you’re thinking about pursuing your passion by enrolling in an automotive school in Pennsylvania, you’re on your way to an engaging and fulfilling hands-on career. The automotive industry will always need expert technicians to inspect and repair cars, so those who complete their automotive repair school education will be sought after.

ATC knows the decision to enroll in a car mechanic school isn’t an easy one, so we’re here to answer a few common questions about automotive training schools.

  1. Do I Need to Go to an Auto Tech School to Land a Career in the Automotive Industry?Auto Technicial Training 

Not necessarily, but it could be difficult to find the same hands-on training you’d receive from an auto tech school, out in the real world with no prior experience. Former industry professionals teach auto repair school courses, and their goal is preparing you to make an immediate impact when you graduate. Unless you grew up in a garage or a mechanic’s shop, you may need a degree from an auto tech school to be qualified for a career in the industry.

  1. Aren’t All Automotive Tech Schools the Same?

Absolutely not. When searching for an automotive school near Pennsylvania, you’ll find significant differences in program diversity, facilities and equipment, and accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, which ensures high standards of educational quality.

  1. Do Automotive Training Schools Offer Housing for Students?

ATC offers several housing and apartment complexes available off-campus to our students. These housing locations are situated in safe, comfortable areas close to campus, and you’ll have the ability to request a roommate to help reduce the cost of living.

  1. Is an Auto Training School That Caters to Commuters a Lesser Quality Institution?

The ability to cater to commuter students doesn’t diminish the quality of an automotive training school in any way. Allowing commuter students is a beneficial quality that allows students who work to hold down their job and attend classes or gives local students an easier living option if needed. Simply because an institution allows students to commute to class shouldn’t be a reason to dismiss an automotive repair school.

  1. Will a Degree from an Auto Training School Limit Me to Just Being a Mechanic? 

At ATC, we provide our students with a diverse curriculum that spans a wide variety of automotive industry specializations. None of our programs will prepare you for one single career but rather provide you with a comprehensive education that will give you the skills to flourish in a variety of automotive careers. Through this method, ATC students become more efficient and well-versed automotive professionals.

Don’t pay attention to the myths that surround automotive repair schools. If you’re passionate about the automotive industry, there’s no reason not to take that passion and turn it into a career.

You can also download ATC’s free ebook, Rev Up Your Career: Why Now Is the Time to Consider a Career in the Auto Industry, to learn more about the success you can have with the right training.

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