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Beyond Changing Oil: The Advanced Skills You’ll Develop at an Auto Training School

A common stigma is that automotive training school will only teach students the basics of mechanic responsibilities. However, the comprehensive hands-on career training at a private post-secondary automotive training school goes far beyond teaching you how to change a car or truck’s oil.

We want to make sure that you’re not confused as to where you can go with your training from an automotive training school. You can continue reading to learn about the advanced skills that you’ll develop throughout your training at an automotive school.

Computer Controls

The automotive industry is evolving to incorporate advanced technology into the everyday life of an automotive technician. This includes using innovative computer software and technology to be precise with service and repairs.

Students in our various programs will learn how to operate software to optimize a vehicle’s alignment or analyze emissions. Engine diagnostics, whether diesel or hi-performance, are becoming easier to read thanks to new technology within the industry. So a student in an automotive training school will learn how to effectively proceed with a repair, and the technology education aspect teaches them how to use the various systems found more and more in the industry.

Engine Rebuilding

While an automotive training school graduate will inevitably work on engines and diagnose issues with them, there are opportunities within the industry to take engine involvement to the next level.

With programs focused on hi-performance technology, students will learn how to rebuild engines, fine-tune them, and optimize them for impeccable performance. For aspiring technicians with a love for fast and powerful cars, this skill development will provide opportunities to enter the industry and have exciting responsibilities.

If a prospective student is worried about being stuck with a job with lackluster day-to-day activities, they don’t need to worry since automotive training schools foster the passion for excitement.

Painting and Refinishing

Art enthusiasts have their own niche within the automotive industry. Vehicle painting is a rewarding and fun opportunity when looking for a creative career that works with vehicles. Automotive training schools offer collision recondition programs that encompass all aspects of vehicle repair after an accident. Through this program, students can learn how a damaged car can be painted and refinished so that it looks brand new again.

But vehicle painting also goes far beyond this. A trained vehicle painter can specialize in customization and unique paint jobs that bring cars to life. With the skills learned from vehicle painting courses, a wide range of opportunities within the automotive industry.

Don’t be misled by the misconceptions of an automotive training school curriculum. Along with the training basics, students will have the opportunity to learn through exciting courses and specialize in various fields of the industry that will be fulfilling and engaging.

ATC will give you the hands-on training needed for you to succeed in a field of your choice. For information about a career in the auto industry, you can download our free eBook The Automotive Technology Career Guide.

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