Hi-Performance Auto Career

What It Takes to Have a Hi-Performance Auto Career

What It Takes to Have a Hi-Performance Auto Career

For some drivers, it’s all about pressing the accelerator and letting the car take them on a fast-paced adventure. The fastest cars on the road today are engineered and maintained by hi-performance engine experts.

At Automotive Training Center, our Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology program is designed to help prepare you for a career in hi-performance engine-building and maintenance.

Specializing in Engine Technology

What It Takes to Have a Hi-Performance Auto CareerTo succeed as a hi-performance automotive technician, you’ll need to have the requisite knowledge to perform engine-related tasks. Our program is designed to be intensive so you’re able to acquire the necessary technical knowledge about engines.

Preparation through the Hi-Performance Technology program includes diagnosis and reconditioning of engine issues. Diagnosis and reconditioning will include work with cylinder heads, camshafts, valve trains, pistons, and crankshafts.

Students will have the opportunity to learn from AERA-certified technicians in the classroom and in the lab. Equipment like the engine dynamometer will help to chart the fine-tuning needed to prepare a hi-performance engine for the roadways. This will help you understand how you’re progressing through the learning process, and help track how a powerful engine is eventually delivered.

An Opportunity to Grow in the Industry

What It Takes to Have a Hi-Performance Auto Career

There are many different paths a student in the hi-performance program may be able to take. Learning from AERA-certified instructors will allow you to learn about the latest technology to become a performance technician. Beyond that, you may seek out employment as an automotive machinist or engine builder, and become involved with the production for top-flight automotive marvels.

You’ll learn how to properly prepare engines to provide the maximum output and drivability, using correct tools and equipment.

Advancements have been made in the industry when it comes to hi-performance vehicles, and as they’ve become more modern, that means learning about equipment and technology is often half the battle. While traditional tools and knowledge will be acquired in the classroom, computerized equipment and electrical components have transformed hi-performance in recent years.

Learn More About the Hi-Performance Program

What It Takes to Have a Hi-Performance Auto CareerThere are some important differences to note between the Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology program and Automotive Technology program. The most notable one is how much time you’ll spend on engines, including engine repair, in the hi-performance classes. This challenging coursework is designed to prepare you for a career as a hi-performance technician.

This career can lead you anywhere from professional speedways to the assembly line as an automotive machinist, building some of the fastest engines for vehicles in the country.

Learn More About the Hi-Performance Curriculum

If you’re truly passionate about vehicle engines and want to understand more about them, the curriculum at Automotive Training Center can prepare you for a long and successful career as a hi-performance technician.

Classes are taught at both of our campuses, found in Exton and Warminster. For more information about the program and to learn more about our current offerings, get in touch with us to schedule an enlightening campus tour today.

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