Rear Spoilers

The Point of Rear Spoilers and How to Install Them

Contrary to what most people think, a rear spoiler does much more than just make your car look cooler. In addition, you don’t need to pay extra money to have someone else install one on your car when it’s easy to do so yourself.

Spoilers are designed to increase a vehicle’s aerodynamics and reduce overall drag. As the air passes over your vehicle at high speeds, the spoiler works to lift that air off the car, letting in cut through wind resistance and reducing the turbulence associated with it.

A spoiler installation is also beneficial for most compact or sedan vehicles because it adds more weight to your rear tires, otherwise known as downforce. This downforce improves the friction of your rear tires, which benefits your overall driving performance – turning, handling, accelerating, and smoothness.

Along with an added style bonus, rear spoilers have an important purpose and make a significant contribution to your overall ride while also being easy to install.

Read below for a quick tutorial on how to install a rear spoiler:

1. Open your trunk and remove the fabric board underneath your trunk door.

2. Center your spoiler on the top of your trunk door. Using a balance and a measuring stick, make sure your spoiler is centered so it can work to its highest potential. When the spoiler is centered, place tape alignment tabs underneath where your spoiler will go. This will mark where you need to drill holes for the perfect installation.

3. Remove the spoiler but leave the alignment tabs stuck to the trunk door. Using a punch, push through the alignment tabs to mark where you need to drill.

4. Once marked, remove the tabs and use a drill that can go through your vehicle’s material and create a ¼-inch hole so you can fasten your spoiler.

5. Place the spoiler above the holes you just drilled and screw the fasteners in underneath the trunk door using a screwdriver. Make sure the fasteners are screwed as tightly as possible.

6. Replace the fabric underneath the top of your trunk door, close the trunk, and double check to see if it’s fastened tightly and in the right place.

Spoilers aren’t just tacky decorations that are drilled on to the top of your trunk to make your vehicle look cool. Their functionality is scientifically proven to benefit the way you drive and benefit your handling as well as your fuel efficiency since it reduces wind drag. You’ll be sure to experience the way that spoilers create a smoother ride as well as save you money.

To save even more money, you can install your rear spoiler yourself instead of taking it to a service center and paying for installation fees. If you’re interested in learning about more way that you can take the exterior of your car to the next level, you can download our free ebook Panels, Paints & Graphics: The Future of Collision Repair.

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