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4 Reasons Your Instructors Do What They Do

4 Reasons Your Instructors Do What They Do

When you’re enrolled in classes at Automotive Training Center, you’ll be learning from qualified instructors who are experts in their field. All of the instructors have at least three years of practical work experience, and are ASE-certified in their subject areas.

Many of our instructors have over two decades of experience in their field, and stay up-to-date with the latest technology and trends with continuing education. Here are some of the reasons our instructors show up each day, ready to help students learn their trade.

1. Instructors help to prepare students for their futures.

4 Reasons Your Instructors Do What They DoOur instructors are excited to teach students, so they’re able to enjoy a long and successful career similar to that of an instructor at ATC. Whether it’s our Automotive Technology program or Marine Technology program, you’ll be learning from qualified instructors who are passionate about their work.

At the end of the day, the reality is that our instructors want to ensure the field remains strong for years to come. Breeding a new collection of automotive technicians means those students will be there to fill jobs when others retire. Qualified technicians are in-demand, with the industry expected to need 46,000 more technicians by 2026.

2. Learning is exciting.

Even those with no prior knowledge in the automotive field can mold themselves into experienced automotive technicians someday. Students may have no idea what’s going on at first, and the language could seem foreign, but it will start to make sense as time moves on.

Our instructors also love to see those moments when the lightbulb goes off in a student’s head. To learn how something works after tinkering around with it for a while is a moment an instructor strives to see play out, whether it’s in the classroom or going hands-on with the equipment in the lab.

4 Reasons Your Instructors Do What They Do

3. It’s always a passion.

Our instructors were once students, and after that, they were automotive technicians, becoming repair experts. It’s a passion for our instructors, and passing on knowledge and career success to students is a way of paying it back, in a sense.

Helping students learn new things is always front of mind. With years of experience, there’s knowledge to share, and it’s rewarding to do just that.

4. Instructors remember what their mentors did for them.

4 Reasons Your Instructors Do What They DoOur instructors remember who they learned from, and what their mentors were able to teach them. They love sharing their experience and knowledge to help with building a new generation of automotive technicians.

Sure, they made their share of mistakes along the way, and you’ll make yours, too. It’s how you learn from those mistakes that will mold you into the automotive technician you want to be. Our instructors have been in your shoes, and they’re here for you.

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To learn more about the day-to-day, we invite you to check out what a day in the life of an ATC student is like. Get in touch with our team at Automotive Training Center for more information about our curriculum and program offerings.

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