Diesel Mechanic Salary

Diesel Mechanic Salary

How Much Do Diesel Mechanics Make?

Diesel service technicians know what repairs, inspections, and overhauls diesel engines require. At Automotive Training Center, we teach the diesel technicians of tomorrow. If you have a passion for diesel engines, that passion may translate into a career.

You may be wondering what the salary of a diesel mechanic is. It’s important to know, so you’re able to plan a future around your livelihood. We’re taking some time to delve into diesel technician salary so you know what you may expect from your weekly or bi-weekly paycheck.

Diesel Mechanic Salary Information

Diesel Mechanic Salary FaqIf you are considering a career as a diesel mechanic, high school coursework can prepare you for life at Automotive Training Center. However, further training is required to turn that interest in diesel into a full-time lifestyle. If you’ve considered a career as a diesel technician, you might have asked yourself at one point, “How much does a diesel mechanic make?”

We’re here to do our best to answer that question. After all, you want to prepare for your future and have an idea of what it will take to pay the bills.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks this critical data. According to the BLS, the 2018 median yearly salary for a diesel mechanic was $47,350, or $22.76 per hour.1 The lowest 10 percent earned less than $31,200, while the highest 10 percent earned more than $72,180.1

Diesel Mechanic Job Outlook

There’s good news if you’re looking to become a diesel mechanic. From 2018 to 2028, employment of diesel service technicians is expected to grow around five percent, which is about average for all occupations.2 As we continue to see more freight and goods being shipped across the country, diesel-powered trucks are needed to carry this freight where trains and pipelines cannot go.

Overall, diesel trucks and cars have become more popular, and diesel technicians will be needed to repair these vehicles.

At Automotive Training Center, students will learn about the operation, of diesel engines, focusing on truck and automotive applications. You will learn how to disassemble and reassemble a diesel engine using precision-measuring tools while performing practical shop work that prepares you for what you’ll see on a daily basis.

Why Choose the Diesel Program at ATC?

Diesel Mechanic Salary Auto TrainingAt ATC, we believe in learning through practical hands-on training. While you will spend about 50% of the time in the classroom learning important principles under the diesel umbrella, the rest of your time will be spent in the shop practicing on diesel engines. You’ll study diesel fuel delivery systems and components, learn about electronic engine controls, and how to use fuel injector calibration equipment.

Learn from experienced ASE-certified instructors knowledgeable in their field. They’ll teach you all about the leading diesel manufacturers, and you’ll gain experience working on these engines every day.

Learn More About Our Diesel Program Today

To learn more about our Automotive and Diesel Technology program, schedule a campus tour on our website today. Automotive Training Center campuses are located in Exton and Warminster. Contact us today!

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