Auto Technicians

Auto Technician and Mechanic Shortage

Auto Technician Shortage

Right now, there are roughly 750,000 auto mechanics in this country. However, as a generation of baby boomer mechanics retires, and the job market continues to evolve, a new breed of mechanics will be required to fix the cars driven each and every day.

The reality of the situation is this: There is an auto technician shortage in this country, and that means there is potential opportunity for you. If you’ve dreamed of a career as an automotive technician, now may be the time to seek out a career as one.

Developing Forward-Thinking Automotive Technicians and Mechanics

Auto Technician and Mechanic ShortageThe U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that about 76,000 new automotive technicians and mechanics will be required each year for the next ten years to help offset the loss of retirees and those who leave the industry.

The ever-changing automotive industry has meant changes to how each day is approached for automotive technicians and mechanics. While years ago, the focus rested on mechanical adjustments and tweaks, today’s cars are heavily powered by electrical components.

At our automotive technician and mechanic school, our Automotive Technology program focuses not only on the mechanical side of things but the electrical side, too. Balancing time spent in the shop and time spent in the classroom, you will have the opportunity to develop skills that are needed in today’s automotive industry.

Seek Out Opportunity as an Automotive Technician and Mechanic

The National Automobile Dealers Association currently estimates that about 37,000 service technicians are graduating from automotive training schools each year, but it’s easy to do the math. That’s not adding up to the 76,000 new automotive technicians needed each year for the next ten years.

The good news for you, though? The U.S. Department of Labor says that automotive technician employment is expected to grow about six percent from now until 2026, so there is a need for automotive technicians. Dealerships and service centers right here in the Delaware Valley, and across the country, are hiring automotive technicians right now.

We want to see our students succeed, too.

Find the Career You Love

Auto Technician and Mechanic ShortageAt our automotive technician and mechanic school, our goal is to stoke your interest in automotive technology and prepare you for a career as an automotive technician and mechanic. At our auto technician school, learn from ASE-certified instructors while using the latest high-tech automotive equipment.

The Automotive Technology program can be completed in two years, with a total of 64 weeks in the classroom. Our relationship with the Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia provides you with employment opportunities with local car and truck franchises. We care about your success and your career. Reach out to us for more information about ATC and our program offerings today.

Schedule a Campus Tour at Our Automotive Technician and Mechanic School

There is a great opportunity for those who are enrolled at Automotive Training Center. With an automotive technician shortage, and many dealerships and service centers looking to hire more technicians, you can be on the path to a new career upon graduating from ATC.

Schedule a campus tour near Warminster and Exton today! We look forward to meeting you.


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