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Do it Yourself Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips

Whether you’re taking your Jeep to a nearby off-road park or towing a camper to the Poconos, routine maintenance ensures that you get the very best response, capability, and efficiency out of your diesel engine. Diesel engines are built to be durable and relatively easy to maintain. So long as you have a good head […]

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The Science Behind Supercharged and Turbocharged Engines

The high-performance category instantly conjures the excitement and thrill of the racetrack. Growling motors whizz around tight turns, fans jump to their feet, jumpsuit-clad racers pose atop the winner’s podium post-race. And when it comes to discussing engines under the hood of race-ready models, there’s two terms that tumble around the high-performance realm pretty freely: […]

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3 Different Engine Types

Chances are you’ve heard of different engine types, from advanced versions that run on good ol’ gas to electric motors that provide better-than-you-can-believe efficiency. To learn more about today’s advancements in engine technology, check out ATC’s guide to three different engine types and their advantages below. Automotive Learning Library Learn more about our Automotive Technology […]

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Could Ethanol-Blend Fuel Be Your Engine’s Silent Killer?

The last time you filled up on gas, you may or may not have noticed a warning sticker on the side of the pump that read “Contains Ethanol.” Economically and politically, ethanol in our gas supply has been a controversy for quite some time. Below, we zero in on how ethanol effects your car’s internal […]

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Why Diesel Will Remain Relevant After the VW Scandal

The Volkswagen scandal has opened the discussion about the effectiveness and efficiency of diesel fuel. This particular case has shown the world that when used in the wrong manner, diesel may not be a viable alternative fuel. However, this ordeal has also shown that emissions standard testing will become tougher to ensure that the right […]

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Beyond Changing Oil: The Advanced Skills You’ll Develop at an Auto Training School

A common stigma is that automotive training school will only teach students the basics of mechanic responsibilities. However, the comprehensive hands-on career training at a private post-secondary automotive training school goes far beyond teaching you how to change a car or truck’s oil. We want to make sure that you’re not confused as to where […]

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What Does an Engine Dynamometer Do?

Marine and automotive technicians are constantly required to fine-tune engines to ensure that they deliver optimal performance. Engines are crucial to the propulsion of any vehicle or marine vessel, and any issues will leave drivers frustrated and looking for a solution from an experienced technician. One of the many ways that these technicians tune engines […]

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Hi-Performance Auto School Curriculum

While all vehicles have their own desirable attributes, hi-performance vehicles tend to be some of the most impressive, making car lovers curious about their engineering. If you’re one of those enthusiasts who wants to be the driving force behind the road’s fastest and most powerful cars, hi-performance auto school may be a good fit for […]

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How Hi-Performance Auto School Can Turn You into a Performance Engine Builder

Performance engine building is one of the more desirable career paths for an automotive enthusiast pursuing a job in the automotive industry. Dissecting the engines of some of the most capable, fast, and powerful cars and trucks can be a dream come true, but an extensive knowledge of vehicles and engines is required of job […]

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