Hi-Performance Technology

High-Performance Cars

What Cars are Considered High-Performance You know them when you see them: Barreling down the straight-away, turning heads with their engine growls, curvy builds, and flashy spoilers. But what exactly makes a car high-performance? To help you better...
High-Performance Custom Engine Building

High-Performance Custom Engine Building

Hi-Performance Custom Engine Building 101 What kinds of cars have high-performance engines? Full-blown racecars certainly fit the category, but what else? How about street rods? What about hot boats? For the ultimate in high-performance, take a look a...
High-Tech Automotive Innovations

High-Tech Automotive Innovations

3 High-Tech Automotive Innovations Changing the Industry GPS navigation systems, the hybrid drivetrain, and radar-based driving technology all played their part in producing the cars we have on the road today. What’s next? We decided to look forward t...

Hi-Performance Racing Tires

Hi-Performance Racing Tires for Sports Cars: What You Need to Know Whether you’re out for a top-down drive on the backroads of Chester or Bucks County or headed to test your new wheels out at the track, having top-notch tires equipped on your Camaro, M...

High-Performance Horsepower

Horsepower in High-Performance Cars When a high-performance car is out on the road, it’s possible you may hear it before you see it. These cars pack in the horsepower under the hood and are designed to be a little bit loud. Needless to say, t...
Hi-Performance Maintenance

Hi-Performance Maintenance

High-Performance Vehicle Maintenance From the glossy paintwork to the rev of the engine, there’s nothing quite like getting behind the wheel of a hi-performance cruiser. However, with supercharged motors, air-gliding builds, specially tuned suspensions, a...
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