High-Tech Automotive Innovations

3 High-Tech Automotive Innovations Changing the Industry

GPS navigation systems, the hybrid drivetrain, and radar-based driving technology all played their part in producing the cars we have on the road today. What’s next? We decided to look forward to 3 high-tech innovations that will be here before you know it, advancing the automotive industry of tomorrow, starting today.

Augmented Reality in Automotive

The virtual test drive is finally here, and automakers are already offering apps that work with a smartphone camera to allow consumers to be immersed in a car’s environment without leaving the comfort of their homes.

AR technology is also being developed to guide technicians through complex repairs. MARTA (Mobile Augmented Reality Technical Assistance) by Volkswagen is one such integration. When the viewing device pans over the work area, technicians will be able to see step by step highlighted actions, from lifting the hood, to showing how delicate parts fit together.

A New Way to Access Your Vehicle

Vehicle access has come a long way from carrying a physical key. Most recently you can unlock and lock your car at the push of a button on a fob or remote start it with your smartphone. And now? The answer, is quite literally at our fingertips.

Using the same technology that enables a smartphone user to unlock a phone using their unique finger print, a car owner will be able to unlock the doors on their vehicle. In the future, you won’t even need to carry a key at all.

Cars that Can Convert Panels

The demand for versatility in vehicles has led automakers to design sedan-based SUVs, truck-based SUVs, hatchbacks, and invent multiple new vehicle categories (like compact and subcompact divisions of SUVs or sedans).

In the future, if you’d like the capability of both an SUV and a truck, you may just be able to pull a few levers (or push a button) to convert your SUV cargo area into an open air pickup bed.

With the adoption of lighter yet still resilient parts and panels (like Jaguar’s transition to the exclusive use of aluminum in their cars), this concept could easily become reality, offering a customizable vehicle  that still keeps the car’s response and handling intact.

Looking Forward: What This Means for Future Technicians

Students studying automotive technology will be on the front lines of these exciting innovations in automotive—emphasizing the need for individuals who are tech-smart, problem solving oriented, and mechanically minded.

Think this describes you? Learn more about the current technician landscape and start exploring the types of careers that are out there with our free Automotive Technology Career Guide.

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