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3 Things Employers Look for when Hiring Automotive Technicians

Once you’ve completed your automotive training, you’ll be looking for jobs in the industry to apply for and start your career as an automotive technician. But getting hired can be easier said than done. To prepare you for interviews and meetings with prospective employers, the Automotive Training Center is here to give you some advice. Take a look at our list of three things employers look for when hiring automotive technicians.


When potential employers are reviewing your résumé or interviewing you for an available position, they want to see that you truly have a passion for cars and working in the automotive industry. A passionate employee loves his job and gives full effort to any task thrown his way, which always appeals to potential employers. They don’t necessarily want to hire an individual who’s just looking at the job because of the paycheck. Hiring a staff of automotive technicians who love the work they do provides a pleasant, cohesive work environment that produces effective results and satisfied customers. Showing that you’re passionate about the automotive industry and working in it will give you an advantage when searching for open automotive technician positions.

Ability to Think on Your Feet

The world of an automotive technician is fast paced and ever changing. When working in a garage, you’re bound to encounter a wide variety of problems with vehicles. Naturally you’ll need to complete routine vehicles checkups or simple tasks, but you’ll eventually come across tough problems that need to be solved. This is why employers love to hire aspiring automotive technicians who can quickly think on their feet and find solutions to problems. This will make for a successful employee because vehicle issues can be different each time and a garage full of employees who can adapt to these problems and quickly fix them boosts a business’ credibility.


There’s a significant difference between receiving a degree and applying what you learned in the working world. Automotive technician employers want to see that you actually paid attention and picked up on the necessary skills you were taught in your training. And while you’ll end up with a degree to show that you completed your training, tapping into the knowledge you gained and applying it to your duties will let you accomplish the tasks thrown in front of you. So while you’re in automotive training school, absorb all the information that you can and think about how you’ll apply this to your career working in a garage.

Having a degree is important for landing a job in the fast-paced automotive technology field, but what employers are looking for are bright, passionate individuals who can apply what they’ve learned in school to the ever-changing vehicle issues that automotive technicians will encounter.

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