Control Your Car Stereo Via A Smartphone App

Not too many years ago, Bluetooth connectivity, allowing hands-free communication in your car was a bit of a watershed moment. Drivers that were lucky enough to afford the option straight from the factory, or who installed it aftermarket were now able to talk on the phone while still keeping both hands on the wheel.

Not content to rest on that achievement, however, manufacturers have continued to push the envelope of mobile technology. Most vehicles rolling off the line in 2013 now allow drivers with smart phones to connect them via Bluetooth for much more than just communication. Streaming audio via internet radio apps on both iPhone and Android devices are common, and aftermarket gear is pushing the envelope beyond that as well. In just a very short time, anyone considering entering auto technician training had a bold new world in front of them.

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Witness the new line of aftermarket stereos out now from Alpine. Three new units have rolled out that not only allow you to talk on the phone and stream audio from your handheld device via Bluetooth, but also tweak minute details via a smartphone app that gives them full control over the advanced graphic equalizer settings of the stereo in their dash.

Alpine’s CDE-147BT, CDE-148BT and CDE-149BT premiered in January at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show to rave reviews from consumers and critics alike. Not only can one tune their own stereo via the TuneIt, but once they get a killer setup, they are also able to share that setup via social media.

The technology is not just some gimmick to help sell a few more stereos. It allows users to preset up to 100 different sound schemes. Once phone and stereo are connected, you can adjust the parametric EQ settings, fine tune crossover points, set time correction and, yes, even adjust the bass, midrange and treble. Their car stereo’s sound will quite literally be at their fingertips. The technology’s good enough that Alpine brought home the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show Innovations award in the ultra-competitive In-Vehicle Audio category.

As such mobile technology gains even more traction inside our cars, the career possibilities for those entertaining enrolling in auto technician training will continue to grow and diversify in to a very skilled high-tech career.

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