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The Diesel Mechanic School at Automotive Training Center (ATC) is designed to ensure students receive hands-on training in the area of diesel engine technology. Today’s diesel engines are powering large commercial vehicles and heavy-equipment systems, and are highly sophisticated.

You may be wondering, how does one become a diesel mechanic? Those ensuring the health of these machines are important to various industries, and those training to become diesel mechanics must be knowledgeable and ready to take on many important tasks. Here’s a roadmap to becoming a diesel mechanic.

Education Is Critical

Diesel Mechanic SchoolOf course, it all begins with receiving your high school diploma or GED. This will lay the groundwork for a future in the diesel industry. Once you’ve received this, post-secondary diesel mechanic training can begin. The programs at ATC are designed to provide knowledge through classroom training, but also hands-on work with real diesel engines.

It is important to learn from instructors certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Classroom work and testing should be based on the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) recommendations, as well.

Specializing in Diesel

You might think about diesel engines being housed in large tow trucks or heavy-duty equipment. However, school buses, 18-wheelers, cargo boats, and locomotives utilize diesel technology, as well. In the agriculture sector, tractors, irrigation pumps, fertilizer spreaders, and other related items use diesel, too.

There are many opportunities for graduates who have a thorough understanding of diesel engines. That understanding can come through coursework taught by our certified instructors. Students will learn about the disassembly, reassembly, and overhaul of diesel engines, and shop work will focus on diesel engines, including medium and light trucks and automotive.

Along with working in automatic, truck, bus, or marine diesel, you may also specialize in other equipment types such as injection pumps or power generators. While you don’t need to decide right now what your career path will be, you can look forward to having options by the time your training is complete.

Diesel Career Paths

Diesel Mechanic School If you have the passion and desire to work on heavy-duty engines, there are different career paths for those motivated by everything diesel.

Diesel technician. These professionals can specialize in a number of fields. You’ll use your understanding of diesel engines and apply it to vehicles in need of repair. You will be responsible for ensuring all moving parts are operating as they should, so those using the vehicles can do so safely.

Heavy equipment technician. Working on construction vehicles or railway transportation, you’d be working with larger machinery. This would also include working on some of the more well-designed machinery in the industry.

Diesel service writer. In this role, you would be listening to customers and providing them with diesel engine estimates. When repairs are completed, they’d receive a full explanation of what was fixed and how it was done.

Enjoying a Career as a Diesel Mechanic

When it comes to enjoying a long-lasting career as a diesel mechanic, it all begins with a strong education. Explore the Diesel Mechanic School at Automotive Training Center, and take the first step towards a potential career as a diesel mechanic.

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