Ferrari LaFerrari

3 Things You Have To Know About The Ferrari LaFerrari

The Ferrari LaFerrari blew everyone away at the Geneva Auto Show. Stunning, smoldering, smashing, it is available for close to $1.5 million! This extraordinary “toy” is still fragile inside and out, so special it will need high performance engine repair training as well as body repair training. You just don’t work on a vehicle like this every day.

This work of art has some surprises for its customers.

  • There are only going to be 499 vehicles built, but Ferrari already has orders for 700. What does that mean to you? It means that there will be big bucks paid for repairs when necessary. This work of art is powered by a mid-mounted, naturally aspirated 6.3L V12. The V12, in turn, integrates with a 132 pound, 120-cell, 60kg lithium ion battery set under the seats. The V12 generates 790hp, and the electric push adds160hp. So, 950hp drives a car that ways only about 2,000lbs.

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  • Auto Repair Techs, who want to get into the high performance engine repair training needed for repairs to this level of engineering, need to understand HYKERS. TheFerarri HYKERS system is a secondary power source that delivers energy to one of the two transmission clutches. It recharges when the car brakes. In doing so, it reduces emissions by 40% and increases the V12 output by 10%. Yet another electric motor runs the car’s other electric needs. That is more than enough to make this gem a “hybrid,” but that seems to diminish the total impression of this concept car.
  • Craftspeople repairing such a masterpiece need to respect the speed engineered into this hybrid arrangement. This red flame moves from 0-62mph in under 3 and 0-124 in 7 seconds. It can hit 220 mph and did a lap at Fiorano in 1 minute 20 seconds. Any craftsman working on one needs to protect that ability – and the noise that it makes.

Anyone wanting to learn about high performance engine repair training needs to start with the basics of engine management systems, diagnostics, and drivetrains. But, they also need to find themselves in a school with the curriculum that affords the opportunity to advance in their technology, that provides hands-on experience and the chance to apprentice or intern at a service center working with such repairs.

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