Comparing Marine Boat Consoles

Pros and Cons of Dual Console vs Center Console Marine Boats

If you’re weighing your options between dual console and center console boats, it’s easy to see the advantages and drawbacks for both. Which one’s easier to maintain, and better yet, which one will work best for the on-the-water activity you’ll be using it for most?

Automotive Training Center’s (ATC’s) Marine Service Technology instructors and students decided to take a closer look! Learn more about these two boat console styles below.

Choose Dual Console for Group Leisure Boating

Boat Repair MechanicDual console boats feature two consoles, usually one on either side of the boat. These vessels often provide an open layout with more room for passengers, and the consoles make a fitting framework for multiple seats. This is why they’re typically favored for a day out on the water spent sunning and enjoying the weather.

Though there is the opportunity for more seats, the walkway between consoles may be narrow, and walk-around access to all sides of the boat is usually not available. Accommodating an additional console takes up more space, so these areas tend to be confined and can be difficult to maneuver around in.

Popular features you might find on dual console boats include cushioned seating, carpeted flooring, a single-use restroom, and a Bimini boat cover for sun defense.

Choose Center Console for Angling or Water Sports

Learning to be a Marine MechanicCenter console boats have one central console, and typically one or two seats maximum. The bow of these boats tends to be smaller and are best used by a couple passengers onboard. Having just one main console creates a flat floor and opens up the perimeter of the boat a full 360 degrees, so you’re not constricted to one side.

With open access in all directions and a deep-V hull design that can handle even rough seas, center console boats are great choices for serious fisher-men and -women, as well as high-speed watersports.

Common features onboard a center console boat may include tackle and bait storage, fishing rod holders, and additional controls or media equipment at the helm.

Fuel Your Interest in Marine Technology

At ATC, we’re committed to assisting individuals who are excited about the marine environment and interested in working toward a career on the water fixing and maintaining these important vessels.

Our Warminster campus is home to our Marine Service Technology facility, where students can interact with industry-level equipment to optimize and troubleshoot marine engine performance, electrical components, and more.

If you’d like to learn more about our Marine Service Technology program, what prospective career paths are out there, and hear from a graduate of the program, check out our program detail page.

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