Marine Mechanic School near Me

Marine Mechanic School Near Me

Marine Mechanic School

If you’ve always had a love of the water, you don’t have to live life solely on land. With the help of a marine mechanic school, you can enjoy a career as a marine technician, working on boats and other watercraft.

At Automotive Training Center, our Marine Service Technology program is capable of preparing you for employment as a marine service technician working on gas and diesel engines, outboard engines, and related mechanical and electrical systems.

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Explore a Career as a Marine Technician

Marine Mechanic School Near MeThe ATC Warminster campus is the exclusive location for all marine program coursework. We have provided Marine Service Technology training at this location since 2006, becoming a test site and training location for numerous well-known names in the industry. Students attending classes at our location will have the opportunity to work on industry-standard engines, like Yamaha, Honda, and Mercury Marine.

While a considerable amount of time will be spent in the classroom, work in our marine facilities will give you necessary hands-on experience. Our marine-focused facilities feature large water tanks with the ability to work on inboard and outboard engines.

While Automotive Training Center does have two locations, our Warminster campus is the exclusive home of the Marine Service Technology program.

Developing Skills to Become a Marine Technician

As a marine technician, it’s your job to keep water vessels running smoothly each day. Of course, there’s a lot more that goes into the job than simply working on watercraft. You’ll be talking to watercraft owners about their needs and desires, meaning more than technical skills are necessary.

You need people skills to succeed, too. You’ll need to become familiar with the different engine setups on different vessels, including inboard, outboard, or inboard/outboard (sterndrive).

Those who graduate from the ATC Marine Service Technology program will be able to seek out exciting positions in the industry as a marine service technician, refrigeration and air conditioning technician, marine electrician, or gelcoat and fiberglass technician.

Whether working on a large marina or as a personal watercraft technician for a few small clients, our hands-on programs will prepare you for a successful career in the industry.

A Chance to Grow

Lifelong learners are typically successful with what they pursue because they remain engaged and focused on continuing to craft and hone their skills. Marine technicians, with proper training and experience, may become service or parts managers, technical instructors, or field service representatives. You’ll have the opportunity to pursue a fulfilling career path.

One thing you’ll learn quickly is that a boat is more than just the engine that powers it. Understanding the mechanical and electrical systems, along with plumbing, heating, and air conditioning, is critical.

A watercraft needs to look good, too. Fiberglass and gelcoat technicians maintain water vessels to ensure they look good as time moves on. Become a lifelong learner committed to marine technology, and see what a career in the industry is like.

Gain Experience and Prepare for a Career Working on the Water

Marine Mechanic School Near MeAt our marine mechanic school, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a range of vessels. This allows you to get the practice and experience needed to enjoy a long and fruitful career as a marine mechanic. The marine service and repair world is fast-paced and exciting, and you’ll have the opportunity to work on various boats and vessels each day.

Not only will you get to spend time in the classroom, but you’ll also get that necessary hands-on experience here at ATC. What will you see once you get into the working world, though?

You’ll certainly be working on sport fishing boats, for one. These boats feature a large deck designed for open water fishing and are quite powerful. Maintaining these boats is necessary so they’re able to provide power when far away as well. Some will be more for travel, while others are meant for entertaining large crowds. Servicing the propeller keeps it free of debris. A marine technician will handle these popular boats.

You may even work on sailboats in your time as a marine service technician. This may be a 1-person boat, or it could be something much larger. The mast, sails, and turnbuckles require repair and maintenance from time to time.

Find an Exciting and Fulfilling Marine Mechanic Career

After graduating from the Marine Service Technology program here at ATC, you’ll be fully prepared for your career. That may be as a marine service technician, working on inspecting and testing engines, propellers, hulls, and navigation functionality.

You may become an experienced marine electrician, working on all things electrical, whether it’s the wiring, batteries, engine, or related parts. Our certified instructors will help you understand how batteries work and explain the wiring layout. You’ll need to be adaptable in this role, as you may work on a docked boat or be called out to sea to complete emergency repairs.

Those with a keen eye can seek out a career as a gelcoat and fiberglass repair technician. The reality is that boats can take their fair share of hard hits while out on choppy waters. You’ll repair dents, polish surfaces, and help to create a beautiful finished product that boat owners will love.

Marine Service Technology Courses

Throughout your time in this program, you will become familiar with some of the top manufacturers in the marine industry. Included in this impressive list are Mercury Marine, Honda Marine, and Yamaha Outboard.

The basics of seamanship and how to approach the day-to-day will be discussed, as well.

The marine courses at ATC include:

  • Engine Repair
  • Diesel Fuel Systems
  • Marine Electrical & Air Conditioning Systems
  • Marine Mechanical Systems
  • Marine Engine Performance

Once you have graduated from ATC, you may be able to seek out an exciting entry-level career. This may be as a:

  • Marine mechanic
  • Marine refrigeration and air conditioning technician
  • Marine electrician
  • Gelcoat and fiberglass technician

Have questions about what may become your next career? We look forward to hearing from you. Now, it’s worth the time to go more in-depth with our marine offerings.

Marine Electrical and Air Conditioning Systems

Pick up on the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism in this course, and become an expert in basic electrical circuits, test equipment, wiring diagrams, and protecting a marine ignition.

This course will also cover marine batteries, chargers, and starting and charging systems. We’ll also go in depth with marine safety equipment so you have a better understanding of what should be done in case of emergency. You’ll learn how to ensure all safety equipment is ready for the water.

You’ll also learn about:

  • AC electrical basics
  • AC generators
  • Inverters
  • Circuit protection

Marine Mechanical Systems

The basis of marine terminology will be taught in this course, as you become familiar with some of the important terms and facts you need to know. Basic seamanship and line handling give you an understanding of what other boaters might encounter when out on the water. Fuel system coursework will help you prepare for handling straightforward boat repair.

Looks matter, too. We also teach basic fiberglass and cosmetic gelcoat repair and boat trailer maintenance to all students.

Receive Credit for Your Future in the Industry

We know that as you’re enrolled at Automotive Training Center, you may be giving serious consideration to what your future may look like. To that end, all marine students who obtain employment with a Mercury/MerCruiser dealership can receive credit for the Mercury Marine Technician Fundamentals Course (MTF). This a basic requirement needed for Mercury technician certification.

You will also have access to Yamaha Marine University, which is an online training system that provides information and materials specific to Yamaha’s “Introduction to Outboard Systems.” Credit for completed training courses can be transferred to your account once employed by a Yamaha dealership.

Explore the Marine Service Technology Program at our Marine Mechanic School

If you want to learn more about the Marine Service Technology program at Automotive Training Center, contact us today to schedule a campus tour. Get a closer look at our Warminster campus and some of the tools you’ll have the opportunity to work with while meeting with our instructors and staff.

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