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Top 3 YouTube Channels for Car Enthusiasts

Top 3 YouTube Channels for Car Enthusiasts

If you’re a car enthusiast, there’s a good chance you always have a copy of Car & Driver nearby, know exactly what’s coming next in your favorite Top Gear episode, and are always looking for more information to fuel you.

The top three YouTube channels for car enthusiasts is a great place to start. Automotive Training Center has rounded up our favorite current channels. Let’s take a closer look.


ChrisFixChrisFix has become the go-to on YouTube for those who love DIY car repair. With over 600 million views, this channel was started with the goal of helping people learn how to fix up their car so they can save money.

Check out ChrisFix here

Millions of people from all over the world tune in to these step-by-step how-to videos, with demonstrations providing the best camera angles and crisp audio. You’ll be able to tackle a DIY repair after checking out these videos.

Some of the most popular videos include “How to Replace a Water Pump and Save $783,” “How to Replace a Transmission,” and “Does a Performance Exhaust Increase Horsepower?” New videos are published every 10 days or so. You’ll have all the essential information you need to fix your car, so everyone can follow along, from beginner to expert.

Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuroDoug DeMuro is a writer and columnist, who rose to fame for his articles found on He was also a contributor to The Truth About Cars and Jalopnik, and soon thereafter began to focus on his YouTube channel.

Check out Doug DeMuro here

DeMuro has something called the “DougScore,” using 10 separate categories, judged on a scale of 1 through 10, to measure vehicles. The highest possible DougScore is 100, with each car being measured up against all other vehicles, not just those in its segment.

When you click over to his YouTube channel, you’ll find reviews of cars that run the gamut. Exotic cars like the Ferrari Portofino and Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series are reviewed, but you’ll also find coverage of new cars like the Kia Telluride, BMW X7, and Honda Passport. It’s a great way to get more info on just about any car imaginable.

Troy Sowers

Troy SowersAs an IT engineer and car enthusiast, Troy Sowers brings a unique perspective to his YouTube channel. He focuses on learning more about how something came to be or how something was made. From Formula1 and MotoGP cars to the daily drivers, he’s been fascinated with cars since a young age.

Check out Troy Sowers here

Weekly content gives visitors access to exotic, muscle, and import cars, among others. As an automotive detailer, Sowers also shares tips and tricks and how-to videos when it comes to detailing. The Detail Lab focuses on paint correction, ceramic coatings, and detailing.

Popular uploads include “How to Make Your Car’s Paint Permanently Glossy,” “Restoring 25-Year-Old Paint,” and “How to Apply A Ceramic Coating.” As a McLaren owner, there’s also an entire section focusing on the legendary British automotive manufacturer.

Enrich Your Car Knowledge

When you check out these three YouTube channels, you’ll become a more informed car enthusiast.

Let’s add one more to the list while we’re at it. Check out the Automotive Training Center YouTube channel today for helpful how-to videos and see what a day in the life of an ATC student is like.

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