Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips

Do it Yourself Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips

Whether you’re taking your Jeep to a nearby off-road park or towing a camper to the Poconos, routine maintenance ensures that you get the very best response, capability, and efficiency out of your diesel engine.

Diesel engines are built to be durable and relatively easy to maintain. So long as you have a good head on your shoulders and an owner’s manual in hand, several routine maintenance tasks can be completed in the comfort of your own garage.

For those diesel owners interested in learning more about a few of the maintenance tasks they can take care of at home, Automotive Training Center (ATC) rounded up the following diesel maintenance tips.

Change the Air Filter

Diesel Mechanic SchoolWhile changing the air filter in a diesel engine very much mimics accomplishing the same job in a gasoline-driven engine, you’ll absolutely want to make sure that you only change a diesel engine’s air filter when the engine is shut off. A diesel engine’s air intake produces a very powerful suction that can pull items into the engine if it’s not off while the replacement is made.

Change the Fuel Filters

Diesel engines often have two fuel filters. The first is located between the fuel tank and the engine, and the second is located closer to the engine. Follow your owner’s manual closely to perform the replacement at the recommended maintenance interval and procedure.

Drain the Water Separator

A diesel engine’s water separator acts to remove any extra water present in the fuel due to condensation. Located close to the first fuel filter, between the fuel tank and engine, the water separator in a diesel engine can be manually emptied by following your manufacturer’s guidelines.

Keep an Eye on Engine Glow Plugs

Diesel Mechanic SchoolIn the colder months, your diesel engine relies on heating elements called glow plugs to get the engine’s cylinder up to the temperature required for facilitating combustion. Season after season, these mini heaters work overtime. Frequent inspection of glow plugs is necessary, especially in colder weather.

Learn More About Your Diesel Engine

Owning and maintaining a diesel vehicle is a fun way to learn more about car mechanics and the various systems that support the engine’s performance.

If you enjoyed this post, you can find even more information about how your diesel engine works and what other diesel engines are out there with this complimentary ATC eBook, Everything You Wanted to Know about Diesel (But Were Too Afraid to Ask). Download your free copy today!

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