Off-Road Accessories

Off-Road Accessories For Your Jeep This Spring

One of the great things about owning a Jeep is the vast array of off-road accessories that are available for them. The Jeep brand has brought with it plenty of students from diesel mechanic schools and other backgrounds that all want to try and push their vehicles to the limit.

The spring weather brings about new opportunities to go off-roading with your Jeep and there are a wide variety of accessories out there for aspiring automotive techs to work with to get the most performance out of their vehicle. Here are a few of those accessories:

Improved exhaust systems*

Going off-road with your Jeep, specifically a Jeep Wrangler, means pushing your stock exhaust system to levels that it may not be able to handle – which is why automotive fanatics are going to want to try out a new exhaust system on their Jeep. Something like the MBRP Cat Back Exhaust System for example, is going to bring about a new level of performance for your Jeep, helping to improve torque and horsepower when off-roading as well as the overall comfort of the drive.

Air intakes create power*

Going with a new air intake system in your Jeep can greatly increase its power and fuel economy. The newer intake systems available are now made out of special tubes that allow for air restrictions to be all but eliminated. This allows the engine to get plenty of air and in turn, get even more power than it was able to pull in before, especially in tough conditions.

Off-road tires*

Jeeps are made to go off-road, but the stock tires that come with your Jeep may not be up to par with where you want to go. To expand your terrain options, installing new off-road tires on your Jeep can do wonders. The newest Jeep off-road tires are made from innovate materials that are stronger than the stock tires and are built to last; offering improved traction, style and durability.

Bumper combinations*

The Jeep line has a wide variety of bumper combos that can be used to replace the standard bumper. Those with some mechanical knowledge, such as students in diesel mechanic school, can be capable of completing one of these conversions. For example, you can combine a new bumper with a winch to help do some towing.

Seat covers

When you hit the off-road, chances are, you yourself are going to get pretty dirty. A more simplistic accessory that is well worth the investment for any Jeep is a set of seat covers. This will help retain the quality material on the seats themselves and give your Jeep’s interior a unique look.

The fun extras

There are plenty of fun extra accessories out there for a Jeep if you’re planning to go off-road this spring. These include everything from new shift knobs that can be switched out to funky lights, tow racks, and more. The goal with any Jeep is to truly make it your own!

Jeep is a great brand thanks to its huge fan base of automotive enthusiasts. The brand has sparked a third-party market of accessories that can really enhance the ability of any Jeep to go off-road. With a little automotive knowledge, you can really show your creativity and create a Jeep that truly speaks to your personality.


*For these more in-depth, mechanical modifications, customize your Jeep at your own risk. Know that some modifications may void your Jeep’s warranty. Always look to your owner’s manual and do thorough research before working on your Jeep!

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