Investing in Education

6 Questions to Ask When You Invest in Education

6 Questions to Ask When You Invest in Education

When investing in post-secondary education, you should keep an open mind about all available options. Determining whether a school is worthy can take time, and it’s a decision you want to get right.

At Automotive Training Center, we’ve put together this guide of six questions to ask prior to investing in your education. There are some important things you’ll want to keep in mind when making a decision about your educational needs.

1. What goals do I have?

6 Questions to Ask When You Invest in EducationIt’s important to take time to reflect and really consider what you’re looking for out of a career. Many students choose to go to a 2- or 4-year college to further their education, but the college lifestyle isn’t for everyone. It’s possible you may even be thinking about post-secondary education years after graduating high school.

Setting goals is a great place to begin. Speaking to a high school guidance counselor or mentor can jumpstart the conversation about what you’re looking to achieve in life and how to combine your interests with education.

2. Will the education I’m interested in be worth the cost?

Any investment begins with consideration about what the future return will look like. When it comes to investing in your education, it’s important to research, during the application process, which financial aid resources may become available to you.

We invite you to check out our financial aid page for further information about available financial aid programs, including Pell Grants and federal loans. Completing an application for student aid is the first step to determine aid eligibility.

3. How will a school prepare me for a career?

6 Questions to Ask When You Invest in Education

Getting an idea for how a school will prepare you for a career in a certain industry is important. You may want to know about potential internships that are available, or learn about some future career opportunities other students who have graduated from the school have experienced.

Asking about job placement rate and future opportunities can give you some valuable data to go off of.

4. What’s my learning style?

People learn things in different ways. A visual learner might pick up on something in a chart, graph, or diagram, and remember it instantly. Kinesthetic learners will pick up on things through hands-on activities, and enjoy tinkering around with things until they’re just right.

At ATC, we strive to provide students with classroom learning time, but also a heavy amount of hands-on learning, to prepare you for a career.

5. What have other people said about the school?

6 Questions to Ask When You Invest in EducationDon’t overlook something like this. It’s worth it to talk to other people who have graduated from a certain school or enrolled in a certain program. What did they like? What didn’t they like? Did they feel that the institution prepared them for their career? It can be helpful to learn what others have to say.

6. What does a typical school day look like?

Understanding what each day will look like gives you a window into what to expect if you do choose a certain school. Ask the school to provide you with information about classes, course schedules, and other related items.

Find a Career You Love

At the end of the day, furthering your education is all about finding a career and advancing your knowledge. Automotive Training Center offers those seeking a career in the automotive, diesel, hi-performance, collision, or marine industries the chance to learn from knowledgeable teachers and professionals.

View our Student Resources page for more information about a wide range of topics that may be of interest to you.

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