Hands-On Learning

Am I a Hands-On Learner?

Am I a Hands-On Learner

If you’re regularly looking for ways to use your hands while working on a project, or you find yourself easily taking on tasks while talking to others, it’s possible that you’re a hands-on learner. Hands-on learners, or kinesthetic learners, are able to learn best by doing.

If this sounds like you, a career as an automotive technician may be of great interest. At Automotive Training Center, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn in the classroom. However, much of your time will be spent in the shop getting those hands-on opportunities you crave.

Exploring Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic LearningAs a hands-on learner, you are most successful when you’re able to get in touch with subjects by using your physical senses. Do you love shop class and making things with your hands? Does art speak to you, including music and painting? Are you always curious to see what happens next in physics or chemistry class? You may be a hands-on learner.

Of course, this doesn’t mean this is the only way you learn. Some people are visual learners, and enjoy charts, graphs, pictures, and diagrams. An auditory learner is similar to a visual one. These learners need to read something out loud to make sense of it, and will record audio from instructors to go over again later. You may have a hands-on learner’s brain, but also find other ways to succeed.

Letting Hands-On Learners Move

These learners will, at times, have trouble sitting still. Walking back and forth or pacing the floor isn’t uncommon, and it’s a good idea to keep them moving as much as possible. The brain is capable of taking in information from the things they touch and the movements they make. Giving these learners hands-on projects is important.

A kinesthetic learner will typically have outstanding muscle memory, which develops through performing tasks repetitively. This memory can be built through working on cars, building engines, and working on other related tasks.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of This Learning Style

Kinesthetic LearningThe right learning environment is critical to the success of a hands-on learner. If you’re the kind of person who ignores the printed instructions or simply enjoys playing around with things before asking for help, you may be a kinesthetic learner. These learners do well to quickly pick up on any concepts or tasks that require touch or movement, and can use tools and equipment in a deft manner. They’re also eager to explore.

While visual or audible instructions may not register quickly, hands-on learners may draw or sketch what they’re hearing during a lesson. Flashcards and visual cues can be helpful, too.

Helping Every Learner Succeed

While we’ve talked about hands-on learners quite a bit in this space, at Automotive Training Center, we understand that everyone learns a little bit differently. We’re here for the hands-on, visual, and auditory learners at our locations in Exton and Warminster.

Schedule a campus tour today, and see how your passion can be turned into a long, fruitful career as an automotive technician.

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