Hi-Performance Auto School Curriculum

While all vehicles have their own desirable attributes, hi-performance vehicles tend to be some of the most impressive, making car lovers curious about their engineering. If you’re one of those enthusiasts who wants to be the driving force behind the road’s fastest and most powerful cars, hi-performance auto school may be a good fit for you.

Automotive Training Center’s (ATC’s) Hi-Performance Technology program is right in your backyard in Pennsylvania. Our hi-performance auto school curriculum is designed to give you the industry experience so you can hit the ground running when it comes time to finding a career.

Continue reading for a look into ATC’s hi-performance auto school curriculum.

Engine Power Maximization

Engine maximization is an important concept behind fast, powerful cars. The Hi-Performance Technology program at ATC gives students in-depth exposure to engine principles so you can understand their true functionality.

After learning the basics of engine performance, students will learn how hi-performance technicians machine the parts of these engines to finite tolerances in order to deliver maximum power. Through theoretical and practical understandings, you’ll come to know the ins and outs of these engines and how they can deliver so much torque and horsepower.

Tests Using Industry Equipment

In order for ATC’s Hi-Performance Technology students to understand the process of maximizing engine power, they need to run specific tests to see their work in action. To do this, ATC students are taught how to work an engine dynamometer, which measures the output of torque and rotational speeds per minute. Exposure to an engine dynamometer helps students understand the process of maximizing engine power for hi-performance by giving them the ability to chart and track progress as well as compare and contrasts results from before and after engine modifications and machining.

Skills for Various Career Paths

There are many paths that students in hi-performance auto school can take, and our ASE-certified instructors are committed to providing a comprehensive education. While graduates can pursue becoming a performance technician, fixing the various aspects of hi-performance engines when they need repairs, there’s also the opportunity to succeed as an automotive machinist or engine builder and be at the forefront of production for remarkable automotive vehicles.

With the help of ATC’s Hi-Performance Technology program curriculum, you can take your passion and interest in the fast cars on our roads to the next level. Learn about the inner workings of engines and what you can do to create engines that surpass expectations.

You can learn more about the tasks that professionals in the hi-performance automotive world master by downloading ATC’s free eBook 7 Maintenance Tips for Preserving Speed and Power in a High-Performance Vehicle.

7 Maintenance Tips

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