Marine Technology Industry Careers

Marine Technology Industry

5 Fulfilling Careers in the Marine Technology Industry

The marine technology career field is an exciting industry. With a degree from a marine mechanic school program, you can apply your passion for boats and other water vessels to far more than just working on engines. At Automotive Training Center, you’ll receive the education and background necessary to understand how watercraft, their engines, and related systems operate.

Our ATC coursework is designed to prepare you for a career. If you’re interested in establishing a career in the marine service technology industry, read on to find five rewarding options in the field.

1. Marine Service Technician

Marine Service TechnicianA marine service technician is trained to inspect, repair, and maintain multiple facets of a variety of water vessels. Your duties will include testing engines, propellers, hulls, and navigation technology. Marine service technicians are responsible for the general well-being of a watercraft and its engine.

If you’re comfortable–or even prefer–to spend your time working by the water, this can make for a great career choice. Much of your time will be spent working in a marine environment.

2. Marine Electrician

As a professional marine technician, you’re responsible for all things electrical in the vessels that you work on, including wiring, batteries, engine parts, and any related equipment. With marine service training, you’ll understand how batteries work and the general wiring layout of vessels that you may have the opportunity to work on. You’ll usually work on docked watercraft, but you may also need to travel out to sea to complete emergency repairs.

Whether you’re fixing a communication system, repairing a faulty switch or wiring, or locating an electrical short, you’re in charge of keeping all electronics in strong running shape. You may install new electrical systems, or work to upgrade older systems by replacing certain parts or wires.

3. Gelcoat and Fiberglass Technician

Marine TechnicianThose who are interested in working on the design side of the marine industry likely will enjoy a career as a gelcoat and fiberglass technician. As part of this job, you’ll address fiberglass defects on a vessel’s hull and decks as well as inside the cabin while using your best judgment to patch up dents, smooth out rough edges, and buff and polish surfaces. Your finished product will be a stunning and visually appealing watercraft.

Damage can occur at any moment. Whether it’s a storm, an accident, or a docking issue, fiberglass and gel coat damage can be difficult to repair alone. Whether it’s significant structural repair, or a simple touch up of a few scratches, gelcoat and fiberglass technicians must have deft hands and unique touch.

4. Personal Watercraft Technician

As a personal watercraft technician, your responsibilities will include servicing and maintaining jet skis, jet boats, and other types of small watercraft. Those with the proper training are designated to repair electrical wiring and motor malfunctions while also completing engine rebuilds. You’ll be in full control of these personal watercraft, so those who use them for pleasure are able to get back on the water as soon as possible.

5. Field Service Representative

Marine Technology CareerWith your extensive knowledge of marine service products after your technician training, you could become a field service representative. Your job will involve providing expert opinions and suggestions about certain products and services based on a customer’s needs. You’ll monitor and repair any product or equipment failures and order and replace any broken parts.

You will need to have exceptional customer service skills to succeed in this job. Since you’ll be constantly working with customers and clients, patience, a good attitude, and technical know-how are required.

Explore a Career With Our Marine Service Technology Program

Automotive Training Center offers the Marine Service Technology Program exclusively at our campus in Warminster. You will receive the hands-on training necessary to become an entry-level marine service technician, capable and prepared to handle just about anything thrown your way.

Having the opportunity to work on inboard and outboard engines made by Honda, Yamaha, and Mercury Marine, you’ll be able to practice making repairs and providing smart solutions. In addition to working on marine engines, you’ll also be working on the support systems and sub-systems.

That includes the electrical system, plumbing, air conditioning and heating, and fiberglass and gelcoat repair. When you have well-rounded marine knowledge, you’ll be prepared to work on a wide range of  vessels and their respective issues.

Gain Valuable Marine Experience at Our Warminster Campus

Marine Service TechnologyAutomotive Training Center is proud to have two separate locations with the Warminster campus becoming a marine test site and training location for many names in the industry. At our Warminster campus, the marine shop facilities are set up so students can understand how inboard, outboard, and sterndrive engines run.

Our marine-dedicated shops ensure all students are able to prepare for a marine service technician career with the ability to gain real-world experience.

Start Your Career In the Marine Industry

If you’re passionate about watercraft or the marine industry and have a strong desire to work on the water, start thinking about how a marine mechanic school can benefit your future and land you a great job and ultimately rewarding career.

If you’re interested in learning more about the engine functionality of marine vessels, you can download our free e-book, Top 5 Ways to Boost Outboard Performance.
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