Marine Mechanic Student

Day in the Life of a Marine Mechanic Student

Day in the Life of a Marine Mechanic Student

At Automotive Training Center, every day brings new challenges, experiences, and learning opportunities. At our training school, you’ll be working with instructors who have real-world experience in the industry. These instructors will be able to help you hone your skills to become a successful marine technician.

The Marine Service Technology program offered at our Warminster, PA, campus gets you ready for a life of working on fishing boats, motorboats, sailboats, and yachts of all shapes and sizes. Here’s a closer look at what a day in the life of a marine mechanic student is like at ATC.

Spending Time in the Classroom

Marine MechanicAt ATC, days begin with theory and learning in a classroom setting. You’ll have the opportunity to study the finer points of marine engine technology from instructors while also learning about marine support systems and sub-systems. These include mechanical, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and heating, and fiberglass and gelcoat repair.

Being on boats and around water can be exciting for many prospective marine service technicians. From the beginnings of engine theory to more technical aspects of service and repair, you’ll gain a foundation that prepares you to work with marine technology. While plenty of time will be spent in the classroom, after your time is done in the books, you’ll move on to work with marine components in a lab setting.

Hands-On Work in the Lab

Marine Mechanic TrainingAt least 50 percent of your day will be spent working hands-on in the lab. Our Warminster campus houses our marine shop facilities, featuring eight large water tanks. See how inboard and outboard engines run in their natural habitat: water! Students will study how these engines work in real conditions, to gain valuable experience.

The hands-on training will include maintenance and repair on inboard and outboard engines made by top names in the industry, including Honda, Yamaha, and Mercury Marine. To simulate real life, you’ll be given a work order with a customer complaint, then diagnose an issue and provide a solution for the boat, so it’s ready to return to the water.

Preparing for a Life as a Marine Mechanic

Marine Mechanic CareerAfter a successful graduation from ATC, you’ll be ready for those days out in the sun and on the water. Of course, you may spend time indoors working on engines, too. You could be repairing a Honda Marine engine on a smaller boat one day, then spending the next day providing air conditioning repairs for a larger yacht.

You may work at a marina, boat yard, yacht club, or perhaps have your own business. During the busy season, weekend work may be required, though if you work for a larger company, you may have a relatively normal 9-5 shift during the week.

Explore Our Marine Program Today

After graduating from Automotive Training Center’s Marine Service Technology program, seek an entry-level position in the marine service industry. It may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle, particularly if you love being near water and spending time outdoors.

Contact us today to schedule a campus tour here at our Warminster location, to see the marine technology and classrooms for yourself!

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