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3What to know about AutoBody Repair

3 Facts You Should Know About Auto Body Repair

When you’re in an auto accident, the first thing on your mind is your own health and well-being. Once that’s taken care of, it’ll be time to sort out the damage that may have occurred in the accident you’ve been in.

There are some things you should know about auto body repair. Remember, your auto body technician is there to guide you through every step of the process. Here are the top three facts you should know about auto body repair, from the team at Automotive Training Center.

You’re in control of repairs.

Auto RepairsIt’s important to remember that after an accident, you’re in control. This isn’t something that happens often, so you may be a bit hazy on what to do. Keep in mind that your insurance company will likely direct you to a body shop or make a request for you to get a few different quotes to file a claim. That’s because they’re looking to pay out the lowest amount they can on your insurance policy. Getting a few different shops to appraise damage and provide their repair plan allows you to go line-by-line to choose a provider.

Check out these tips for getting an estimate after an accident.

Your insurance may also provide a list of shops they recommend. This may be because they have a certain relationship with a shop. You don’t have to use the recommended shop, and the choice is yours on where to have the repairs completed.

Whether a car is “totaled” can depend on various factors.

Generally speaking, a car will be classified as “totaled” when the repair costs are higher than the actual value of the car. Sometimes, however, a car that’s only worth about $3,000 won’t be considered for repair if the repair costs are around $2,000.

Deciding when a vehicle is considered a total loss can vary from insurance company to insurance company, and there may even be state regulations that dictate things. In 21 states, including in Pennsylvania, determining total loss is based upon a total loss formula. The insurance company will consider the repair costs and what the scrap value of the vehicle is, to determine whether or not repairs should be made.

What looks like minor damage could be major.

Car Crash EffectsAt first glance, you might think the accident you’ve been in is minor, whether you’ve been in a fender bender or perhaps went a little too far into the garage. But when there’s a serious impact, that affects the entire car.

A minor crash can damage the vehicle’s frame, wheels, or perhaps the engine. While you might get out of the vehicle, not see anything serious, and assume everything is OK, take your car to an auto body technician who will inspect the entire vehicle.

These days, the whole vehicle doesn’t need to be repainted if only a portion of it has incurred damage. Modern technology allows for color matching, so if only one area needs to be painted, that’s the only area that will receive the color matching.

Explore the ATC Collision Repair Program

Automotive Training Center is proud to offer the Collision Reconditioning Technology program to students at our locations in Exton and Warminster.

It’s possible that you can become one of the many auto body technicians who work on vehicles and make them like new. Contact us today to schedule a campus tour.

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