Military to Civilian Auto Mechanic

Transitioning from Military to Civilian Auto Mechanic

Transitioning from Military to Civilian Auto Mechanic

Transitioning from the military back to civilian life can certainly bring its own set of challenges. You may be thinking about everything that comes with the transition, whether it’s settling back home with family, sorting out things like insurance or mortgages, or getting back into a regular sleep pattern in your own bed.

Thinking about your future in the American workforce is something that certainly will cross your mind, too. Becoming an automotive technician is a great career choice for many veterans, and Automotive Training Center can prepare you for a career as one.

Becoming an Automotive Technician

Automotive TechnicianAs you depart the military, you will likely complete a Transition Readiness Program. This kind of program will provide employment assistance for veterans and their families. The program focuses on taking a proactive approach to create pertinent post-transition employment, educational, and entrepreneurial goals.

Even if you work as a military mechanic, there can be a large change in lifestyle and vehicle technology when becoming a civilian mechanic. There is a certain structure to days and nights in the military that simply won’t be replicated in post-military life.

When returning from active duty, it’s important to consider the field you wish to be in. Considering a field with high growth and job demand is something you’ll be thinking about. The automotive technician field is competitive and growing each year. Our training center also offers courses centered on diesel and marine technology.

Pursue Your Education

The Post-9/11 GI Bill is a go-to resource for any veteran looking to further their education. The Post-9/11 GI Bill may be able to cover most, if not all, of your tuition.

Benefits offered through Veterans Affairs can go beyond just tuition. These benefits can help with covering housing costs, and help you attain a low-cost business loan or mortgage, along with assistance for purchasing books and related class materials.

The military has prepared you to take on each day with a certain attitude, while strengthening discipline. Get the education and experience to prepare you for your future here at ATC. Learn more about military benefits and scholarship information by clicking here.

From Military Life to Automotive Technician Life

Automotive TechnicianAt first, returning from the military to prepare for a career as an automotive technician can be a bit of a shock to the system. You aren’t thinking about military time or using military jargon anymore, but there are skills to be learned and time to spend in the classroom as you work to become a successful automotive technician.

As you’ve received plenty of experience in the military, you certainly aren’t starting from scratch. Learning new skills from the knowledgeable instructors at ATC can help prepare you for a successful career as an automotive technician, or even as a diesel or marine technician.

Explore Your Options at Automotive Training Center

As you transition from life in the military to civilian life, you may be thinking about the next steps when it comes to your career. At Automotive Training Center, we’re here to help you build your skills, becoming a civilian auto mechanic.

Schedule a campus tour today to get a feel for our program offerings and to see our campus for yourself.

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