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What is an ASE Certification

What is an ASE Certification?

When it comes to taking care of a vehicle, drivers tend to look for repair experts who are ASE certified and have gone through automotive technician certification. What is ASE all about, and what are ASE certification requirements?

The team at Automotive Training Center is here to answer those very important questions. If you are enrolled in one of our programs at ATC, you will be working your way towards receiving ASE certification, an important distinction for and ASE technician and automotive technicians.

What Is ASE?

What is an ASE Certification Auto TechShort for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, ASE has been around since 1972. This non-profit organization has worked hard to ensure that drivers across the country are benefitting from the highest quality vehicle repair. This is done by testing and certifying automotive technicians.

There are over 300,000 automotive technicians and professionals in the United States holding current ASE certifications, and they work in all different parts of the automotive industry. It’s important to note that ASE certifies the technicians, not repair shops or service centers. So, your certification can go a long way, even if you have to move or are changing employers.

The end goal is to protect the consumer, the shop, and you. Certification gives consumers a better idea of a technician’s expertise before they decide to bring their car to a service center, which leads to peace of mind for everyone.

How Do I Get ASE Certification?

Along with passing an ASE Certification test, automotive technicians need to have at least two years of training on the job, or one year of training and a 2-year degree in automotive repair. That will qualify you to take the test and get certified.

You will be on the path to ASE certification when enrolled in these ATC programs:

There are ASE tests for just about everything automotive–in fact, there are approximately four dozen tests available at any given time from ASE. The good news for you? You’ll be learning from ASE-certified instructors here at ATC. They have years of experience in their field and will help you prepare to ace these tests.

Who Creates the ASE Tests?

The tests that you take are written in workshops by an experienced team of automotive industry professionals and executives. Collaboration is an important part of the process, as working technicians, manufacturers, and educators work together to craft these tests, not just one person at ASE.

The exams are then segmented by a sub-specialty, like automobile, medium/heavy truck, school bus, collision repair, and other categories.

Everyone wins thanks to ASE. Car owners are easily able to find qualified technicians, and repair shops can get some additional visibility thanks to the Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition program. Most importantly, though, you get the respect and recognition that you’ve worked so hard to attain.

We Are an ASE Certification School

What is an ASE Certification SchoolATC is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), committed to excellence. When you attend an accredited school, that means you’re attending a school recognized as a qualified institution for higher learning.

We hold many certifications and approvals, including:

  • ASE/NATEF Accredited Master Automobile Technician Training Program
  • ASE/NATEF Accredited Master Auto Body Technician Training Program

Enroll in one of our programs at ATC and see where your career takes you once you have received ASE certification!

Want to Get Your ASE Certification? Preparing to Take the Test

Official ASE Practice Tests are available online to help you prepare for a certification exam. These practice exams have similar content and are formatted in a similar manner to the questions on the real tests.

Free study guides are available online, too, helping you gauge your readiness for the test itself. Every guide provides details on the individual tests, with sample questions and test prep suggestions included.

In the eyes of peers, supervisors, and customers alike, passing a test shows a commitment to your craft and your ability to perform. Gaining these important professional credentials goes a long way and can build self-esteem and help create a job opportunity that may not have existed previously.

ASE Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a closer look at some frequently asked questions about ASE testing and certification. These important questions are worth considering prior to scheduling your test.

Q: Can tests be taken at home or at work?

A: ASE Certification Tests are only offered in a secured test center with a proctor. This ensures everyone has a consistent testing environment.

Q: When can I take the test?

A: While each test is different, testing is available year-round. When you register for a test, you’ll have 90 days to schedule an appointment to take a test at one of the test centers available across North America.

Q: What are the tests like?

A: Every ASE test will contain multiple-choice questions, designed to test specific knowledge required for the job. Every question has one correct answer, three wrong answers, and information to choose the answer that is correct.

Q: Does ASE offer tests in Spanish?

A: Yes, A4, A5, A6, and G1 are currently translated into Spanish.

Q: If I don’t pass the test, can I take it again?

A: Yes, you can take the test again. You will have to wait 30 days before you’re able to purchase and schedule the test once more.

Learn from ASE-Certified Instructors as You Prepare for Your Career

When you’re enrolled at ATC, you’ll be learning from experienced, certified instructors with years of experience and ASE certifications. One day, you may become an ASE certified technician yourself!

Visit us for a campus tour today!

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