Career Paths of Diesel Tech Graduates

The Diesel Technology Graduates Career Path

For automotive enthusiasts with a strong desire to work on some of the most powerful and complex heavy-duty engines, the diesel field of the automotive industry is compelling. Here at Automotive Training Center (ATC), our engaging and in-depth Diesel Technology program will provide you with valuable information on diesel engines that can prepare you for a fulling career in the industry. But what are some available career paths diesel technology graduates may qualify for?

To give you an understanding of where you can go within the diesel industry, ATC has mapped out some potential career paths below.

Diesel Technician

As a diesel technician, you can specialize in a number of fields, whether you want to focus on automotive, marine, trucks, or buses.

As a technician, you can take your thorough understanding of diesel engines and apply it to vehicles that need to be repaired. You may be responsible for making sure that all of the moving parts are working correctly and efficiently so drivers can experience a smooth ride. Drivers of all sorts of vehicles would put their trust in you to make sure that their diesel engines are working correctly or are repaired properly.

Heavy Equipment Technician

The majority of the larger vehicles designed to carry heavy loads or complete tough jobs rely on properly functioning diesel engines. While a diesel technician’s tasks focus on common automotive and marine work, heavy equipment technicians apply their talents to even larger vehicles, such as construction vehicles and railway transportation.

As a heavy equipment technician, you’d be assigned to ensure that these massive pieces of machinery are working properly. As a bonus, you’d have the unique opportunity to get an inside look at the inner workings of some of the industry’s most robust machinery, which is a dream for many automotive enthusiasts.

Diesel Service Writer 

Service writers are the backbone of any diesel repairs. Should you become a service writer, your job would be to listen to customers as they describe the issues they’re having with the vehicle and its diesel engine. You’d be responsible for developing estimates of the cost of repairs and services and explaining to each customer what exactly needed to be fixed and how it was done.

If you’re interested in turning your passion for diesel engines and the automotive industry into a career where you can interact with people on a daily basis, a diesel service writer may be a great opportunity for you to pursue.

With ATC’s Diesel Technology course, you’ll be exposed to a number of different career fields that can lead to exciting work doing what you love. At ATC, we make sure that all of our students have a complete understanding of diesel engines and the corresponding industry so they’re prepared for their futures.

If you’re interested in learning more about pursuing a career in the automotive industry, whether it’s in diesel or an entirely different field, you can download ATC’s free eBook The Automotive Technology Career Guide.

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