Diesel Mechanic School Warminster PA

Diesel Mechanic School Warminster PA

Warminster Diesel Mechanic School

Kick your diesel mechanic training into high gear at Automotive Training Center. We’re honored to be a school for diesel mechanics near Warminster, PA. If you’ve found that you’re passionate about heavy-duty engines and what they’re capable of, then you may want to explore the Automotive and Diesel Technology program here at our automotive technician and mechanic school.

Take advantage and learn from knowledgeable instructors while working on diesel engines from top brands, like Cummins, Caterpillar, and Detroit Diesel.

Learning at a School for Diesel Mechanics

Diesel Mechanic School Warminster PAManufacturers and dealerships across the country are always looking for knowledgeable technicians who have an in-depth understanding of diesel engines. Our program will provide you with what you need to know about these engines, so you’re able to develop an understanding for how they operate and what makes them tick.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Diagnose diesel engine issues
  • Gain experience performing brake repair
  • Work with electrical systems

These are many of the same courses one would take in the Automotive Technology program at our automotive technician and mechanic school, but this program has more of a focus on diesel.

Learn how to handle preventative maintenance on large delivery trucks, boats, and buses along with bulldozers and other high-octane equipment. Whether you are just recently out of high school or seeking an exciting career change, our automotive technician and mechanic school has a lot to offer in its diesel coursework.

The Pros of Diesel Engines

Diesel Mechanic School Warminster PAHeavy-duty engines are capable of producing power while remaining highly efficient. While there is still value in the gas engine, there are some advantages of diesel you just won’t find everywhere.

Diesel engines get hotter than a gas-powered motor, which means they generate more power while using less fuel. That translates to fewer trips to the pump to fill up. Diesel engines will produce greater torque than a similar gas engine, too. When you need to pull heavy loads or accelerate quickly, diesel is the way to go.

Plus, as long as you stay up to date with diesel maintenance, these engines are built for the long haul. They’ll typically last longer than a gas engine.

Post-Graduate Career Paths

Jumpstart your career as a diesel mechanic right here at our auto mechanic school. If you have the passion and desire, our instructors will help mold you into a knowledgeable diesel mechanic. There are various career paths that can be taken upon graduation.

A diesel technician specializes in a number of fields. You’re responsible for the parts of the engine moving as they should. As a heavy equipment technician, you may work on large construction vehicles, trains, and other machinery.

If you choose to become a diesel service writer, you’ll work with customers to ensure their diesel engine estimates are properly handled. When the work has been completed, you’ll explain to them what repairs have been completed and how they were done.

Tour our Diesel Mechanic School Today!

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, schedule a campus tour at a school for diesel mechanics near Warminster, PA.

Automotive Training Center has two great locations to serve diesel mechanic students. We look forward to meeting you at either our Exton or Warminster campus soon!

Diesel Mechanic Schools:

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