BMW is Changing the Auto Landscape

The 3-in-1-Car: How the 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe is Changing the Auto Landscape

Can a car feature the speed and drivability of a coupe with the space and convenience of a hatchback sedan? The combination of these three types of cars seems impossible until you encounter the 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe.

This new BMW incorporates these beneficial characteristics into its design and drivetrain. Take a look below to see how this BMW model is changing the auto landscape by combining three types of vehicles into one versatile supercar.

Exterior Design

The exterior profile of the 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe is like a sleek, streamlined sedan. It features four doors and an elongated hood while keeping the wheelbase of the smaller BMW 3-series.

However, once you get to the back of the vehicle, you’ll find a somewhat hidden hatchback component. Because the 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe has an aerodynamic build, when you look at the car from the front, you can’t even tell that you access the trunk through a hatchback. Even when you look at the car from the back, its classic BMW rear design doesn’t look like it incorporates a lift-up trunk.

Nonetheless, the 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe thinks outside the box, and this hatchback incorporates an easier way to store and access your cargo.

Powerful Drive

While the vehicle’s interior and exterior feature some beneficial aspects of other sedans and hatchbacks, the 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe drives like a sport coupe. Even with a curb weight of 3,620 lbs, the vehicle is equipped with a turbocharged 2.0-liter direct-injected engine that produces 240 horsepower and 255 lb-ft of torque.

The 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe, like most sport coupes, goes from 0 to 60 mph in under 6 seconds. You won’t experience any turbo lag, and the eight-speed gearbox leads to a smooth transition between gears. This powerful engine is paired with a suspension designed to give you a level ride, even over rough surfaces. Passengers will love that the interior wind and road noises are reduced at all speeds, and drivers will love the cockpit feel in the cabin and modernly designed gear shifter.

Interior Convenience

Inside the 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe, you’ll find comfortable room for five, giving the vehicle the luxurious feel of any classic BMW sedan. However, the rear row has 40/20/40 fold-down seats, which can fold nearly flat. Combine this with the hatchback trunk and the 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe turns from a sedan into a hatchback with optimal room for when you need to transport large cargo.

The 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe is the first model to combine three different types of vehicles in its design and performance. With sedan comfort, hatchback convenience, and coupe-like driving habits, the 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe is one of the most versatile vehicles we’ve ever seen, and it’s perfect for virtually any occasion.

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