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We’re thrilled that you may be considering an auto technician school near West Chester, PA. Whether you’re looking for that next step in your life, or even considering a career change, Automotive Training Center can turn your passion for everything automotive into a career.

Before you join the working world, though, you’ll need to receive an education that prepares you for it. Learning from our knowledgeable instructors, you’ll receive that education at either our Exton or Warminster campus.


Jump-Start Your Auto Technician Career

Auto Mechanic SchoolIf you’ve always loved cars, boats, and even larger equipment like trains or buses, you may be intrigued by our auto technician school. After all, there are five fields of study to choose from at our two campus locations in Exton and Warminster.

You’ll have an opportunity to learn from the experts, too. Today’s automotive industry demands top-flight mechanical knowledge and experience. Get that knowledge and experience from the ATC instructors. They each have at least three years of extensive field experience, though most of the staff has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Your focus will be on developing a certain expertise in a core service, whether it’s automotive, diesel, hi-performance, collision, or marine. Learn the skills that are in high demand and upon graduation, find a career you love.


Hands-On Experience

At ATC, we do more than just talk shop. Of course, a fair amount of time will be spent in the classroom learning principles and strategies from instructors. However, 50 percent of your time will be spent in a modern shop setting, where you’ll have access to the latest tools, equipment, and technology. These are the same tools and tech you’ll find in today’s shops and service centers.

Our staff works to instill certain values in every technician school attendee. These values of professionalism, confidence, accountability, and teamwork are important. Many of the graduates from ATC have found employment with some of the top employers in the area after receiving their degree.

We are an official training school of the Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia, which represents almost 200 new car and truck franchises.

Automotive Technology and Hi-Performance Coursework

The Automotive Technology program at ATC prepares students for entry-level employment as an automotive technician at a dealership, service center, or repair shop. Many students become successful automotive technicians through the courses taught in this program, including:

  • Manual Drive Train & Axles
  • Brakes
  • Engine Repair
  • Engine Performance
  • Suspension & Steering

Learn the theory of operation and servicing of manual transmissions, gain experience repairing brakes and brake systems, and diagnose and repair suspension systems on passenger cars and light trucks.

The Hi-Performance program is a staple at ATC, too. In this program, you’ll participate in the same courses as Automotive Technology students, but also gain a greater understanding of engines and how they operate.

  • Machine Shop and Advanced Machine Shop & Engine Rebuilding courses teach the principles of engine assembly and measurement.

Work with equipment like the Superflow Powermark engine dynamometer, Superflow SF-450 Flowbench, and the Mustang Chassis Dynamometer.

Diesel Mechanic School

Auto Mechanic SchoolIn the diesel program, learn the theory and operation of diesel engines, with a focus on truck and automotive applications. Maintenance, routine service, and tune-up procedures help you get a better feel for the diesel industry.

Practical shop work includes work on various types of diesel engines, including medium and light truck and automotive. Study diesel fuel as well, along with diesel air intake systems, injectors, and turbochargers. Review and prepare for the ASE Light Diesel exam, too.

Collision Repair

When a vehicle has been in an accident, collision repair is often required.

The collision program at ATC involves:

  • Welding & Non Structural Damage Repair
  • Surface Preparation
  • Structural Damage Repair
  • Painting & Refinishing
  • Cost Estimating & Damage Repair

Principles of MIG welding, cutting, brazing, and plastic repair meld with the fundamentals of surface preparation, which involves care and maintenance of shop equipment, power and hand sanding, and the proper use of hazardous materials.

Marine Mechanic School

If you don’t want to be in the shop, working at a marina or boat slip may be a better option for you. That’s the appeal of the Marine Service Technology program, which incorporates:

  • Marine Electrical and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Marine Mechanical Systems
  • Marine Engine Performance

The fundamental principles of electricity and magnetism provide students with a solid base for working on marine equipment. Marine terminology will be taught in the Marine Mechanical Systems course, where students will learn about basic seamanship, along with fuel systems.

Apply to Our Auto Mechanic School Today

We look forward to hearing from all ATC applicants. If you’re just out of high school or have been in the workforce for the last couple of years, and are yet to find work that interests you, apply to Automotive Training Center to pursue a new career.

We also hear from many who have been in the workforce for quite some time. Changing careers after working for 10, 15, or perhaps even 20 years is common. Consider applying to ATC!

About West Chester PA

Located right in the heart of the Brandywine Valley, West Chester is a historic area with a small-town feel and welcoming atmosphere. Downtown West Chester features dozens of shops and restaurants, while just outside of town, there are large homes and neighborhoods many families call home.

Get a glimpse of history in the area by strolling through the Chester County Historical Society, or see a show or performance at the Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center. West Chester has so much to offer, and it’s a great place to spend time, whether you live here or are just stopping by.

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Interested in learning more about Automotive Training Center? Schedule a campus tour and see what a day in the life of an ATC student is like at our auto technician school near West Chester, PA.

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