Automotive Careers on the Rise

2 Automotive Careers that are on the Rise

If you’re eager to break out into the automotive industry, you’ll want to make sure you select a field that’s in demand and matches your interests. The good news is, most if not all automotive technician careers are in the green and growing as fast as, if not faster than the average for all jobs in the US (according to the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)).

In this post, Automotive Training Center (ATC) reviewed 2 automotive careers that have excellent prospects for the future.

Diesel Service Technicians  

Diesel TechnicianDiesel fuels some of the world’s largest machinery. Big rig delivery trucks crisscross the country, generators power whole cities, and cranes and dump trucks aid in major construction. Automotive diesel technicians are tasked with keeping this equipment in tip-top shape.

Growth (2016-2026): According to BLS, the demand for diesel technicians is projected to grow at a rate of 9% (the average for all occupations is 7%).

Work Environment: Diesel technicians may work in specialty automotive shops or commercial vehicle service centers. Depending on the size of the vehicle or equipment, it’s at times more convenient for diesel technicians to make “house calls” to perform maintenance.

Most Important Skills for the Job: A successful diesel technician offers up a deep mechanical knowledge of diesel engines and systems, timely troubleshooting, and a love of working with his or her hands.

Collision Repair Technicians

Collision Repair TechnicianMore cars on the road demands more technicians in the shop! Skilled collision repair specialists who know how to repair everything from surface scratches to structural damage are needed. These auto body professionals restore vehicles back to their manufacturer’s specifications using frame machines, welders, hand tools, and advanced paint matching technologies. The end result is a safe and efficient vehicle that looks and drives even better than it did pre-accident.

Growth (2016-2026): BLS lists the outlook for automotive body and glass repairers at 8%, about as fast as the average.

Work Environment: Working in an independent repair shop or collision center, collision repair technicians work indoors in a fast-paced environment.

Most Important Skills for the Job: There’s a near infinite number of possibilities when it comes to the type of damage that may need to be repaired, so collision repair specialists must be able to think on their feet, exercise a steadfast attention to detail, and know how to use computerized and man powered tools.

Which Prospective Career Path Suits You?

We hope you enjoyed learning about this snapshot of two automotive careers that are on the rise. Choosing the prospective career path that’s right for you is all about honing in on your interests and finding the program that matches your passion in automotive! If you’re interested in learning more about prospective careers like these, download our free Automotive Technology Career Guide today.

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