Find a Career You Love

5 Questions to Help You Find a Career That You Love!

5 Questions to Help You Find a Career That You Love!

In the average day, you spend about a third of your time at work, a third sleeping, and a third free to spend as you please. While there’s plenty of time for your hobbies and sleeping, that’s certainly a big chunk of your day spent at work, isn’t it?

Having a career you love can make those workdays fly by. At Automotive Training Center, we want you to be able to find your dream job. Here are five questions to ask yourself to find a career you love.

1. What do I love doing?

5 Questions to Help You Find a Career That You Love!What are you truly interested in? It’s something we all think about. It might even be some daydreaming that sets you down a certain path—and you don’t want to limit yourself when it comes to finding a career. You might be a hands-on learner, someone who truly enjoys getting their hands dirty and learning from experience.

Thinking about what you’re good at goes hand-in-hand with this question. Has anyone ever said, “Hey, you’re really good at that?” and it’s motivated you? When you meld your skills with your passions, great things can happen.

2. Where do I want to work?

If you’ve chosen a career, you’ll want to be where the jobs are. There are many jobs out there that can be done from the location you’re sitting in right now, but others may require a move.

If you graduate from Automotive Training Center, you may spend your time in an auto body repair shop each day. However, with our Marine Service Technology program, you could be out on the water, working on boats.

5 Questions to Help You Find a Career That You Love!

3. Do you know people who love what they do?

If you know someone who loves their job, spend time talking to them. It can help to pick their brains, and you may even learn something about your own prospective career or interests. Talk to them about their career and what money, free time, and satisfaction mean to them.

They may be able to tell you whether their career was a good fit, what education was required, and whether they’d do it all over again if given the chance.

4. What are some things you don’t like doing?

5 Questions to Help You Find a Career That You Love!Sometimes, it can be good to take stock of what you don’t like doing to find what you like doing. If there are any activities or things you don’t like to do, this can eliminate some careers from your list.

Make sure you have a solid reason for why you don’t like doing certain things. For example, if you don’t like the outdoors, that can eliminate many jobs.

5. Are you willing to make sacrifices?

You do have control over certain things, and finding a satisfying career can be about making certain sacrifices or concessions. Your down time may include watching TV or playing video games, but those who are practicing their craft, or perhaps taking evening classes, can get a leg up.

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