In-Demand Careers

In-Demand Careers in 2019: Qualified Technicians Needed Now!

In-Demand Careers! Qualified Technicians Needed Now!

Our coursework can prepare you for an exciting career in an industry that’s on the rise, and Automotive Training Center could be the key to a career as a qualified automotive, diesel, hi-performance, collision, or marine technician.

We want nothing more than for you to have a job you love going to each and every day. There are numerous career paths for people out there these days, but the automotive, diesel, hi-performance, collision, and marine fields are exciting, and many are choosing to jumpstart their careers in one of these fields. Learn more about why technicians are in-demand in 2019 and how our curriculum makes an impact.

Exploring a Career in the Automotive Industry

In-Demand Careers in 2019: Qualified Technicians Needed Now!According to the U.S. Department of Labor, automotive service technician employment is expected to grow about six percent from 2016 through 2026, making it an attractive option. Entry-level technicians will be needed to provide automotive repair and maintenance like oil changes, brake pad replacements, and tire rotations. Emerging technology is requiring many technicians to be well-versed in complex electrical and diesel systems, too.

It’s important to remember one thing about why these careers are in-demand: These types of jobs are essentially impossible to outsource. When a car needs repair, it’s not going to another country to be fixed. When a boat needs repair, a marine technician is handling those repairs here, not elsewhere.

The average driver will visit the dealership they purchased it from or a local auto repair shop to complete the repairs. While the engineers and technicians building the car may be from another country, the technicians repairing it are found here in the U.S.

Learning the Skills to Become a Talented Technician

In-Demand Careers in 2019: Qualified Technicians Needed Now!Our ASE-certified instructors ready you for a career in an automotive repair shop or dealership. Today, many technicians are using high-tech equipment and diagnosing and servicing more technologically advanced vehicles. The naming of our Automotive Technology program has never been truer.

As the industry continues to change, you may see more and more hybrid and electric vehicles, and technologically, previously thought to be unthinkable just two or three decades ago.

Our program is designed as a 2-year offering, with a total of 64 weeks of classroom and lab time. Beyond our daytime offerings, we also have a part-time evening class for those who may be busy during the day with a current job or other commitments.

Find the Career That Drives You

Discovering the right career is important, and when you’re happy with your career, you’ll go to work each day ready to be productive. Finding the right specialty may be part of the process.

The Automotive Technology program is perfect for those looking for an entry-level career as an automotive technician, as you’ll service and repair a wide range of vehicle makes and models. The Hi-Performance program focuses on engine building and maintaining the performance of fast-paced vehicles. Our Collision program is for those who may be intrigued by a career as a collision repair technician.

Considering a career as a qualified technician? Get in touch with the team at Automotive Training Center today. Or, visit our Exton or Warminster campuses by scheduling a campus tour with us!

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