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At Automotive Training Center, an auto technician school near Coatesville, PA, our hands-on curriculum and focused training program will give you the expertise and experience to begin a career you love. Looking to become a part of the automotive, collision, diesel, hi-performance, or marine industries?

Get the practical training you need to succeed in fully equipped labs with the latest equipment. Offering a NATEF-based curriculum with ASE-certified instructors, ATC will help you develop skills that employers are looking for.

Automotive Technology Program

Auto Tech TrainingThose who are enrolled in the full-time Automotive Technology program will receive the technical knowledge and expertise necessary to become an entry-level automotive technician. This can be at a local dealership or service center, thanks to our relationship with the Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia.

This is a 2-year program with 64 total weeks spent in the classroom and lab. A part-time schedule is available, too, with nighttime classes offered for those who may work during the day.

Receiving your diploma will take some hard work, but the payoff is an exciting new career.

Courses during the program will focus on:

  • Brakes
  • Engine Repair
  • Electrical Systems
  • Engine Performance
  • Computer Controls & Electronic Diagnostics

Of course, our program is more than just working on cars. You’ll learn life skills, people skills, and how to handle the day-to-day in the workplace.

Hi-Performance Technology Program Courses

The Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology program includes the courses in the Automotive Technology program and then expands to include a specialization that focuses on hi-performance engine technology.

  • Machine Shop course involves the diagnosis, reconditioning, and preparation for assembly of major engine components, including cylinder heads, crankshafts, valve trains, and pistons. Practical shop exercises will help students analyze the effects of camshaft profile, degreeing, and installation on engine output and performance.
  • Advanced Machine Shop & Engine Rebuilding continues the machine shop coursework, with additional focus on advanced engine reassembly, blueprinting, measurement, and rebuilding and tuning.

Get familiar with technology like:

  • Superflow Powermark engine dynamometer
  • Hines Legend Crankshaft Balancer
  • Superflow SF-450 Flowbench
  • Mustang Chassis Dynamometer

Dig Into the Diesel Program

In the Automotive and Diesel Technology program, students will learn the theory of operation, diagnosis, service, and repair of diesel engines, with a focus on truck and automotive applications. Maintenance, routine service, and tune-up procedures are covered, using the specialized tools of the diesel industry.

In the Diesel Fuel Systems course, study fuel delivery systems and components, diesel air intake systems, injectors, and turbochargers. Get an introduction to electronic engine controls and learn best practices for shop operation and the types of diesel engines you’ll be working on.

Collision Reconditioning Technology Program

Collision RepairWhen a vehicle has been in an accident, it must be restored. That’s where collision repair technicians come in. When you are enrolled in the collision program at ATC, you’ll learn from experienced collision repair instructors in the following courses:

  • Welding & Non-Structural Damage Repair
  • Surface Preparation
  • Structural Damage Repair
  • Painting & Refinishing
  • Cost Estimating & Damage Repair

Principles of MIG welding, cutting, brazing, and MIG brazing are taught in the welding and damage repair course, while surface preparation includes care and maintenance of shop equipment, wet and dry sanding, and power and hand sanding.

Practical techniques in the painting and refinishing course involve using topcoat finishes and final buffing and polishing, with shop experience in matching, shading, blending, and spot repair. It’s all in the name of creating a beautiful finished product.

Marine Service Program

There are many who apply to ATC who may be more intrigued by a career that brings them out on the water. That’s where our Marine Service program comes into play. This program incorporates the technology and product familiarization of Mercury Marine, Honda Marine, and Yamaha Outboard.

Learn the fundamental principles of electricity and magnetism in the electrical and air conditioning systems course, then advance on to marine mechanical systems and engine performance. Our program gives students a full overview of marine technology and how boats operate when out on the water.

Start Your New Career

We look forward to hearing from all applicants here at ATC, whether you have just graduated from high school, have been out of high school for a few years, or are seeking a career change.

If you are currently in a career that has hit a bit of a dead end, why not explore a career as an automotive technician? We have welcomed many students over the years who have learned from ATC instructors and have gone on to enjoy a fruitful career in the industry.

About Coatesville PA

While there are many historic properties and buildings found in Coatesville, since the turn of the 21st century, there has been a focus on creating a new kind of atmosphere in this city just west of Philadelphia.

Redevelopment and private projects have led to an influx of new single-family and townhouse developments. As Coatesville continues to grow, this old steel town may be the perfect place to begin your career in the industry.

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Explore the rest of our website to see what our auto technician school near Coatesville, PA, has to offer. Get in touch with us to schedule a campus tour and we’ll give you a closer look at what life at ATC is like.

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