Auto Technician School Philadelphia

Auto Technician School Philadelphia

Philadelphia Auto Technician School

If cars are your true passion, you may have considered a technician school near Philadelphia, PA, to explore a full-time career as an automotive technician. Automotive Training Center is a career technician school nationally accredited by ACCSC with multiple campuses in the region.

Through time in the classroom and extensive hands-on training in the lab, students can find their career in the automotive, collision, diesel, hi-performance, or marine industries. Upon graduating, many students at ATC have gone on to a full-time career with one of the area’s many employers. Keep reading to learn more about our exciting program offerings.

Why Choose ATC?

Automotive TrainingIf you’re prepared to turn your passion into a career, why not do it here at ATC? We are fully committed to your success. You’ll receive the training and experience necessary to kick-start your career. Receive personalized education and attention from our knowledgeable instructors in the classroom, then bring those skills to the lab.

With a curriculum taught by ASE-certified instructors, develop the skills and real-world experience employers are looking for. Many industry leaders and recognized dealers in the greater Philadelphia area choose to hire students upon graduation, knowing they’ve received an education that has prepared them properly.

Through our relationship with the Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia, take advantage of career opportunities with almost 200 car and truck franchises.

Our Course Offerings

Our Automotive Technology program prepares you to become an automotive technician. Enter the workforce with the skills you need to succeed. The Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology program enhances understanding of engine principles. You’ll work with high-tech equipment like a dynamometer to ensure top-flight engine performance for the cars you’re working on. Our Collision Reconditioning Technology program will prepare students in the world of collision repair.

If you’re someone who’s always enjoyed spending time by the water, the Marine Service Technology program could be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Available at our Warminster campus, you’ll learn all about inboard and outboard engines on a boat, but also how to make electrical, air conditioning, and fiberglass repairs.

We also offer guidance to potential students through financial aid resources. You can complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, through which eligibility for financial aid will be determined. Get in touch with us for more information about financial aid. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Automotive Courses

What will you have the opportunity to study in the Automotive Technology program? Here’s a closer look at some of the course descriptions.

Manual Drive Train & Axles: Learn the theory of operation and servicing of manual transmissions, transaxles, clutches, and drivelines, drive-shafts, U-joints, C.V. joints, differentials, and more. Review basic shop safety, use of tools, and general service bay procedures.

Brakes: You’ll learn all about the operation, diagnosis, maintenance, and service and repair of various types of braking systems, along with machining and measurement of rotors and drums. Vehicle stability and traction control systems will be emphasized, too, as you prepare for the ASE Brakes exam.

Electrical Systems I: This course teaches you about fundamental principles of electricity and electromagnetism as applied to automotive and truck systems, along with wiring and system repairs, introduction to batteries, charging systems, and more.

If you are enrolled in the daytime Automotive Technology program, you can complete coursework in 64 weeks. We are also proud to offer nighttime courses for those who may work during the day and are considering a career change. The evening program length is 84 weeks.

According to the latest reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of new graduates from technical schools is not keeping up with the current demand.

There are expected to be many technician jobs available in the coming years, as automotive service centers and shops look to make new hires. This is due in part to the retirement of many of the baby boomers who have been in the industry for 35 or 40 years or more. Considering a career as an automotive technician? This is a great time to make the next steps in your career.

Hi-Performance Courses

Machine Shop: Diagnose, recondition, and prep for assembly of major engine components, including cylinder heads, camshafts, and valve trains. Practical shop exercises include valve refacing, valve guide and seat repair, use of seat grinders and cutters, performance of a multi-angle valve job, and milling and decking of cylinder heads and cylinder blocks.

Advanced Machine Shop & Engine Rebuilding: A continuation of the Machine Shop course, this course involves additional advanced engine reassembly, blueprinting, measurement, and high-performance rebuilding. Learn how to use tools like the Superflow SF-450 Flowbench and Mustang Chassis Dynamometer.

The program also includes:

  • Manual Drive Train & Axles
  • Brakes
  • Engine Repair
  • Electrical/Electronics II
  • Engine Performance

This course can be completed in 80 weeks. After graduating, you’ll be prepared for real-world experiences and have a deeper understanding of engine principles. This will allow you to maximize engine performance, using tools like a dynamometer to make measured and precise vehicle repairs.

Diesel Courses

Diesel MechanicDiesel: Learn all about the operation of diesel engines, including theories of diagnosis, service, and repair. Fuels and lubricants fundamentals will be taught by experienced instructors, along with the maintenance, service, and tune-up procedures using the tools of the diesel industry. Review for your ASE Diesel Engines exam, too.

Diesel Fuel Systems: This course covers the study of diesel fuel delivery systems and components, diesel air intake systems, and turbochargers. Get an introduction to electronic engine controls, including EUI, HEUI, and electronic common rail.

The diesel program also includes the following courses:

  • Suspension and Steering
  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Automatic Trans/Transaxles
  • Engine Performance
  • Computer Controls & Electronic Diagnostics

This program can be completed in 80 weeks. Manufacturers and dealerships are always looking for knowledgeable and reliable diesel technicians who have extensive experience, so learn from instructors who will provide you with the necessary knowledge to succeed.

Learn more about our Automotive and Diesel Technology Program

Collision Courses

Welding & Non-Structural Damage Repair: This course teaches the principles of MIG welding, cutting, brazing, MIG brazing, plastic repair, and adhesives. Gain hands-on experience through various welding projects while learning the fundamentals of repairing and straightening common types of minor metal damage.

Surface Preparation: Fundamentals of service preparation tackles care and maintenance of shop equipment, power and hand sanding, spray gun adjustment and operation, personal safety, and refinishing safety.

Collision courses also include:

  • Structural Damage Repair
  • Painting & Refinishing
  • Cost Estimating & Damage Repair

There are more cars on the road than ever before, so collision repair technicians are needed for their expertise and ability to make repairs if an accident occurs.

Graduates of the collision program will be designated as I-CAR ProLevel Technicians, and have certificates of recognition in these areas:

  • Introduction into Collision Repair
  • Non-Structural Technician (NST)
  • Steel Structural Technician (SST)
  • Estimator (EST)
  • Refinishing Technician (REF)
  • Aluminum and Steel Welding Training and Certification

In 64 weeks, you’ll have completed the Collision Reconditioning Technology program and be well-prepared for a career as an auto body technician, collision estimator, or auto painting expert.

Marine Service

Marine Electrical and Air Conditioning Systems: The fundamental principles of electricity and magnetism prepare you to learn about basic test equipment, electrical components, ignition protection, and wiring diagrams.

Marine Mechanical Systems: Get an introduction to hydraulics, along with basic seamanship and line handling.

Marine Engine Performance: This course covers inboard and outboard engines manufactured by many of the top names in the industry. Drive systems and ignition systems will be stressed in this course, too.

The Marine Service Technology program can be completed in 40 weeks. Why limit yourself to land when you can have a career on the water? This program incorporates training on the major systems and sub-systems found on pleasure and light commercial watercraft.

Gain an understanding of marine batteries, starting and charging systems, marine fuel systems, exhaust systems, and common rail fuel injection and turbo charging systems.

A Leading Name in the Industry Since 1917

Automotive Training Center has been serving students for over 100 years since being established as a part of Spring Garden College in Philadelphia in 1917. Our Exton campus was built in 1971, and now, it’s a 42,000-square-foot facility with 12 specialized automotive shops and classrooms on a large 5-acre campus. Our Warminster campus opened in 2005 and houses our marine training facilities.

If you’re a recent high school graduate and haven’t quite found the career you love, or you’re considering a career change, ATC looks forward to hearing from you. Our staff is standing by, ready to answer any questions you might have about what may be your next career.

Turn Your Passion Into a Career at our Auto Mechanic School near Philadelphia

Invest in your future here at Automotive Training Center. Find the automotive, collision, or marine technology program that matches your interests, and pursue your passion.

Learn more by checking out our eBook10 Ways That An Automotive Training School Can Turn Your Interest Into a Career. It’s a great way to prepare yourself for the application process.

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