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10 Reasons to Become an Auto Technician and Mechanic After High School

Seeking an exciting career after high school? You may be looking into becoming an auto mechanic. At our automotive technician and mechanic school, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors who care about your development and future.

We’ve put together 10 reasons to become an auto mechanic after high school, so you know what to expect here at our auto technician training school near Exton and Warminster.

1. Find a job immediately upon graduation.

Automotive Technician and Mechanic After High School Warminster | Exton | ATCOnce you’ve graduated, you can begin your career as an automotive technician. We work with the Automotive Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia (ADAGP) to place students at dealerships across the region upon graduation. Want to pay for school while you’re in school? Acquire a part-time job at one of these same dealerships and learn the tools of the trade.

2. There’s no sitting around.

Not sure that office life is the right choice for you? If you’ve always had an affinity for working with your hands, and you’re not a fan of sitting in a chair all day, becoming an auto mechanic is a great way to put your skills and interests to good use.

3. Less student loan debt than the average four-year college.

After four years of classes at a traditional college, you may have mountains of student loan debt. Choose a trade school such as Automotive Training Center, and see how a 2-year training program like ours can be beneficial for your pocket.

4. There’s always job variety.

Training at our  includes learning from instructors well-versed in domestic, Asian, and European models. If you’re in the field, you’ll see a wide variety of vehicles on a daily basis, which always keeps the job fresh and interesting.

5. Auto Mechanics are always needed.

Automotive Technician and Mechanic After High School Warminster | Exton | ATCConsider for a moment the reality of repairing a vehicle. It’s not going to be shipped overseas for repairs. It can’t be done over the phone. Vehicle repairs require a well-versed and knowledgeable technician, so demand is always high for new mechanics.

6. You get to interact with others on a daily basis.

As an automotive mechanic, you may work with others on a team to repair vehicles and provide solutions. If you someday choose to run your own auto repair shop, you may meet with customers and explain the services you’ve provided for them. If you like being around people, this is a great job to have.

7. There’s no homework involved.

Spend time learning in the classroom, then transfer that knowledge to the shop. There’s no homework to do when you’re enrolled at our automotive technician and mechanic school.

8. You’ll be up to date with cool technology.

As the years progress, vehicles have become more advanced, featuring the latest technology available. Repair on-board computerized systems, electronic fuel injection, and new-age ignition systems.

9. There are all kinds of paths available to you.

You may start as an automotive technician, but after you’ve gained industry experience, that can lead to a job as a service manager or shop foreman.

10. Make your own repairs!

You won’t have to take your car to the shop when you’re an auto mechanic yourself! Save money on repairs by working on your own vehicle.

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Now that you’ve had the chance to learn about some of the reasons to become an auto mechanic, schedule a campus tour at Automotive Training Center today. We look forward to showing you around campus near Exton and Warminster!

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